Bishop Manor Owners Assoc / Billing Statement

The "Team" Property Management are the people who I pay my association fees to. I Pay it when I get it but the thing is that they keep on sending it out late. The billing statement is postmarked on the 8/28/09 Friday. It takes 2 days for the post office to process the letter and the carrier to deliver it to my house. It arrives on 8/31/09 Monday. The due date is 9/1/09. They give me only 1 day to make the payment or else they charge me a $25 dollar late fee. I would pay online but it seems like they don't have that option and driving there is also not an option because I don't get off work till 6:00 Pm and they close at 5:00 pm. What can I do to make them stop sending it out late? I went through my past bill all of which gives me a 3-4 day window to pay. Comments and opinions are welcome. Thank you.

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