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Birch called trying to get me to switch phone companies in 2008. THey promised me my total fees would be$50/month. They recorded my responses to their agreement for their records. I agreed to use Birch for 24 months. No mention of any extension of a yearly contract. In fact instead of saying 2 years they said 24 months implying after that period I would be on a month by month and not year by year agreement. 31 months later I moved out of state and changed phone companies, something I have done numerous times in the past with out having to do it in writing or receiving any early termination penalties. Birch sent me a bill with a $200 early termination fee along with my monthly bill. the first time I heard of a yearly contract or early termination fees was when I inquired about the bill. Their excuse for these practices is that "everybody does it". Not in my experience - only Birch does it in my experience.

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  • La
      Jul 25, 2011

    My name is Laura and I’m in the Birch Marketing Dept. We take special measures to ensure our customers are aware of the contracts they enter into with Birch Communications. We verify every sale and have an independent third-party company record the transaction. Contracts and early termination fees are standard in our industry. I regret the confusion you experienced on this issue. Please email me at laura.[protected] regarding your experience with Birch Communications. I will partner with our Customer Care Director to help resolve your issue. Thank you.

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  • 4c
      Aug 30, 2011

    I too got scammed by Birch Communications. In an attempt to lower monthly bills I switched the phone service from AT&T to Birch at the restaurant my sister and I operate. After the first bill arrived I realized my error when they were actually higher than AT&T. I called them and they gave some lame excuse that AT&T had some agreement with the city regarding a waived or reduced fee for 911 taxes. They also told me if I switched I would be subject to early termination fees. On August 21, due to poor sales and insufficient funds to pay bills, my sister closed the restaurant. When I called to disconnect the telephone line, I was told there would be a $1650.00 termination fee. I understand (a little bit) the termination fee, when switching from one company to another, but feel when you close a business, that falls into an entirely different category. AT &T doesn't charge when you disconnect and neither should any other company. That just proves Birch Communications business practices are shady. Oh, and when I explained to the accounting department rep our circumstances, she stated that I had been recorded agreeing to the "terms and conditions" of switching. She then said I should have asked what the terms and conditions were before agreeing. I'll tell you right now if I had known there was a $1650.00 fee attached to the transaction to disconnect my phone, I would have done what I normally do to telemarketing calls, HANG UP. I am contacting my state's attorney general about this matter and I personally will warn every person I come in contact with about my experience. Hopefully enough people will get fed up with unfair business practices such as Birch Communications has, and complain to their state representatives and businesses like Birch Communication will be shut down . Belinda-----Sikeston Missouri

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  • Mi
      Jul 28, 2014

    i got a call from birch communication about dropping my bill to around 69 dollars a month. they make me record my voice. the first bill was 69 dollars. By the i was a ATT customer too. after first bill it jumped to 189 per month. when i called me they told me that now they locked me into a contract. Be very careful from this company. I can not wait to go back to my old phone company. my email address is [protected]

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  • Na
      Oct 19, 2015

    Birch communication called 3 times last week wanting to talk to me about my AT & T account, talking about reducing my bill. All 3 times I said, NO, I'm not interested, please don't call back. Today, Monday, here they go calling again. Me: Mama, your company called 3 times last week and all 3 times I gave you the same answer, NO! I do not want to switch to your company. How many times are you going to rape my ear to hear the same answer NO! If they call me again, I consider it sexual harassment. I've dealt with them before years ago. The bill was NEVER as low as they claimed it would be. It was sorry service on top of that. I rather deal with a company that when I call, they are there to fix the problem ASAP.

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  • Ba
      Oct 26, 2015

    Birch called me representing their self as AT&T said they could give me a lower rate.I said ok Finally after I agreed they told me they were Birch and this would be month to month without termination fees. They have not done anything they said So I called them and canceled. Going back to AT&T Today they sent a bill for$200.early cancelation I called them and they were very rude that I would have to pay anyway

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  • Li
      Mar 29, 2016

    we have been with birch since 2006. didnt know we were still in a contract come 2016 either way. I called in Oct. 2015 to cancel my service with birch. I was still getting bills every month and I would call every month to discuss with them why I am still getting bills. I finally got my Final Bill in March 2016 it was for 400.00 for equipment that I still had from 2006. I 've been speaking with Ben a manager and I told him how I am very upset with the way this has been handled from the beginning. I was NEVER told that I had to send the equipment back and I have spoken with several different managers and customer service rep (s) and NOT ONE person ever stated I need to send back the equipment. Ben stated he would see if they even wanted the equipment back because it was so old and of course they do. Now, at my expense that would come and get it for 200.00. After 10 years, REALLY. he stated my COTRACTED stated there would be a charge of 200.00 a contract that kept renewing every year, with out my consent or knowledge. We were never late paying and they never once asked my why I was cancelling after 10years of service., but they can tell me what I owe them. I will NEVER use Birch services again. CUSTOMER SERVICE NO LONGER EXIST!!! Liz Crump

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  • Bi
      Aug 25, 2016

    I'm going through the same thing right now. They have the nerve to tell me that they are going to charge me $200 fee to retrieve the equipment where there is no mention of a specific fee and is clearly stated in my contract that a fee applies "should you not make it readily available" The equipment is in the exact place they installed it in 2006 and my business is open 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday for them to retrieve it. The other option is for me to mail it back to them, but now I fear that I will get a bill telling me that the equipment is inoperable in an attempt to squeeze more out of a loyal customer of 10 years.
    Contract reads:
    2.7 Following termination of the Services under this Contract you agree to either. (a) make all Cbeyond equipment and property available to us within a reasonable period, not to exceed thirty (30) days, or (b) pay us the replacement value of all equipment and other property that you do not make available to us. You agree that you shall be responsible for all cost that we incur in retrieving or attempting to retrieve our equipment and property should you not make it reasonably available.

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