Biopure/Resveratrol / Scam

1 415 Bussen Underground Rd, Saint Louis, MO, US
Contact information:
Phone: 866-228-4906

In June I sent for a "free" $6.95 trial of Resveratrol. To make a long story short, I unwittingly agreed that if I didn't return the bottle within 15 days I had signed up for a monthly supply of Resveratrol . I received a second bottle that included a bill for 79.99 plus 6.95for shipping. I also noted there was NO return information on the bill. I called the number above and was told that a third bottle had been mailed and I could not return anything til I received the third bottle at which time they would refund me 68.99 for only bottle because of a "stocking" fee. To make matters worse, at time same time I sent for the "free" bottle of Resveratrol, I signed for a diet plan called MYSHAPEMYWAY for 29.95, FITNESSHUB for 29.95, FUELORDERS 6.95, GET VITAL BERRY 79.95 plus various shipping charges charged to my VISA card. A TOTAL OF 243.00 HAS BEEN CHARGED TO MY ACCOUNT. All of this charged while I was disputing the second bottle of Resveratrol from BIOPURE, not knowing they were charging my account using the names of other distributors named above.

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