BionX / Poor Product & Customer Service

I bought a $1200 BionX system. After 26 charges there was a problem with the battery. The BionX rep implied they would fix it, though I said it was a tad bit after one year. I thought this fair, as they say the batteries have a lifespan of 400-500 charges, and mine had 26.

After they got it and looked at it, they told me, and my local bike shop, that I needed to pay. (My local bike shop even told them that in their opinion, my issue appeared before the one year warranty expired.) Even more, they refused to return my battery unless I paid them about 80 dollars! They NEVER warned me of that. Heck, the battery still worked somewhat, so I could still get a few miles of riding out of it, but I refuse to pay when I wasn't warned of such. BionX offered to SELL my local bike shop a refurbished battery for 200 dollars. They won't sell it to me (All along, they have wanted to get my local dealer to stock their systems.) They had the nerve to tell my bike shop that they could then mark it up and sell it to me at profit. My bike shop told me they'd just give it to me for the 200 bucks, but I told them I'm not throwing more money into a bad system.

As we dealt with BionX over the phone, the rep would tell me one thing and the local bike shop another. He told me I'd been charging the battery properly, and then he told the bike shop I hadn't. He told the bike shop my system had been heavily used, yet it only had 26 charges. Heck, early on, when we tried to fix it before we resorted to shipping, he TOLD me to ride the hell out of it, one day, to totally deplete the battery. I did, and he instructed me to press the computer's buttons a certain way, but it didn't fix anything. Is that what he meant by "heavily used"? He told me to do it!

They only made a decision as to whether the warranty time period was an issue, AFTER luring me into sending it back to them. They never warned me I'd have to pay almost a hundred dollars to get my poorly working battery back. Had I known all that, I'd have just kept it and ridden it until it went kaput, which probably wouldn't have been in too long a period of time.

It is a bad system. Communication from the company was poor. Don't buy one.


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