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I had a Bionx electric motor fitted to my bicycle. I was told at the time that the battery would last about five years. The motor burned out after less than three years of light use and the battery was dead after about the same amount of time even though it had been looked after very carefully according to the instructions. It was going to cost $1700 to get the motor fixed and a new battery was priced at $1400. This is a terrible company to deal with. Their products are shoddy and grossly overpriced and their customer service does not exist. Do not buy anything from BionX.

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      Jul 25, 2012

    BionX Issue – Buyers beware!

    I bought a BionX setup less than a year ago – and have had nothing but problems with the system. You would think that buying the “Mercedes” of battery assist systems at a premium price would equate to a quality product – but no. Sadly, all you are getting is quirky system that may or may not work. BionX support is abysmal - and they refuse to deal directly with the end user. All inquiries/repair issues have to go through one of their dealers. And when it seems that they can not figure out the problem – your “warranty” is not worth the paper it was written on!

    In my case – out of the 10 months I have had the system – at least half of that was spent without the use of my bike waiting for BionX and the BionX dealer to work on issues. BionX frequently does not respond to customer/dealer issues in a timely manner. Their last “fix” took six weeks – and all that BionX did was replace a cracked plastic piece that never fixed the problem.

    As a local BionX dealer custom installed the battery mount on my ICE trike suspension rack – it seems that they will no longer cover any issues. Probably because they can’t figure out what is wrong and that is their easiest way out! No, their battery mount was not modified in any way to mount it on the ICE suspension rack. All that the BionX dealer did was drill 2 holes in the ICE rear suspension rack and added a bracket to it. They unscrewed battery mount from the rear rack BionX supplied and using the same screws/holes – attached it to the ICE rack.

    The current problem is that my ride is never smooth - going over the frequent potholes / bumps in the road causes the system to turn off/on.
    This creates a huge distraction as the rider has to look to avoid every bump – instead of watching for vehicular traffic.

    BionX will not warranty the system. The BionX dealer suggests that I purchase a new battery mount. The same part that BionX just "repaired". I feel like I am just throwing good money with the bad! At this point the dealer extremely frustrated with BionX as well – I am not the only customer they have with issues with the BionX system.

    When I tried to get help from another BionX dealer - they said they only work on BionX systems from people that bought the system from them. I’d have to say they must have issues with BionX support as well!

    Purchasers should also note that there is a huge problem between BionX and dealer with shipping the custom batteries – particularly if one needs return/service. They are considered a hazardous material. And yes – they do go bad! I had a BionX battery that lasted as few as 15 miles. BionX told me it was the conditions I was using it. What a joke! Thankfully the dealer swapped it out – with my usage patters, my current battery gets at least 10 times that amount. Of course now the dealer is out the money for a very expensive battery that they can’t ship back to BionX for a return!

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      Dec 03, 2012

    My $1200 system was a waste. Worse, I bought a 400 dollar bike to put the thing on. Here's what happened:

    After a mere 26 charges, the system's computer quit reading the battery level properly. I'd charge it up, then ride 2 tenths of a mile, and it would say the battery was depleted. Nevermind I could ride all day, no problem. But, I wanted it right, so I spent 3 months without use of the syetem as my local bike shop tried to fix it via phone calls, or while it was in transit back to Canada, via Florida (Lithium is highly regulated.) The entire time the BionX rep implied the warranty time period was no issue. That sounded fair to me. I was upfront saying I thought it happened just a tad after one year. (My local bike shop thinks it was within one year.) Regardless, the thing was only used enough to require 26 recharges. Not only did BionX conclude it was a battery issue, they then said I had to either buy a refurbished battery, or pay them about 80 dollars for them to ship it back to me.

    Why was I not informed of this ahead of time? I feel as if my battery has almost been stolen! Though, it's a piece of junk that barely lasted ayear.

    Worse, BionX seemingly made up little lies, telling me one thing, and the bike shop another.

    Can you believe I heard that BionX is trying to make electric bikes with Daimler or Mercedes? How funny.

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