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College Park, GA, United States
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Today I visited the douglasville, ga center and they gave me the wrong amount. Last night I check my appointment and it said my next appointment was $80 which was my last appointment. This morning I get up and go and they only gave me $20. The nurse asked what happened and I explained that I had an appointment friday and they turned me away because my iron needed to be 38 but it was 37. I rescheduled and came back the following day. I tried to make the appointment for monday the app would not let me make that appointment so I made it for tuesday. Then they tell me that they're going to call it to get it fixed but then he calls me and says they cant change it. When ive been consistent with donations. I even referred people to them. I think that it is unfair that they treat their donors like that. And its clearly a gimmick with all their locations because its multiple complaints about it. So do yall fix the problem or just dont care that you guys use people and manipulate them?

Oct 16, 2018

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