Bio Dz Cardiograph machine / fraudulent advertising, scam

1 1566 Medical Drive Suite 201, Pottstown Pennsylvania 19464, United States

The Bio Dz Cardiograph machine was sold to me for $43, 000.00 under the fraudulent sales pitch that insurance would pay very well. Most insurance co. called it 'an investigational device', (I can provide proof), and would not cover it at all. MediCare only paid a fraction of the bill. I (Mark Light, MD), could not make ends meet with this device. I am retired, so could not afford it, had paid $10, 000! thus far.
I asked them to take it back and cancel the policy. Used it is worth only $2, 000. They refused, sent me to collections, said it wasn't worth anything after use of one year. They wiped out my accounts for $9, 000.00!!! I was rendered unable to pay my bills.This company is fraudulent, lacks integrity, is scamming the medical community badly. Do NOT buy this or any equipment from this co.

Feb 18, 2014

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