Bingo Connection / Fraudulent request of personal Information

1 Plains Road, Burlington, ON, Canada

Management at Bingo Corruption ... ahhh ... I mean Connection has just started demanding names, addresses, postal codes of all its patrons in order to take advantage of its $5 dollar coupons. They claim that the gaming commission (AGCO) is mandating this. I have checked with the AGCO and have absolute proof that they are denying all knowledge of this rather abrupt and obviously suspicious request by Bingo Connection. They have signs posted in the hall stating that AGCO is demanding this information. The AGCO is completely oblivious to this. Why do they suddenly want personal information ??? Could it be to sell to mass marketers at a free and healthy profit without the consent or knowledge of the easily intimidated patrons (most of whom are seniors)??? Could it be something more sinister??? Want to see my proof ... [protected]

Apr 23, 2014

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