Bing / scam

United States

I ordered a camera on dec. 25 through bing, and when I asked about the cashback, was sent to abt, who sent me back to bing. After a large number of emails, microsoft basically said that when I clicked on the link I went out of microsoft so there was no cashback and I had to get it from the merchant. By this time, I was pissed enough that I told abt if there was no cashback, I was going to refuse shipment. Abt promised cashback and asked me to wait 60 days (The time limit of filing credit card chargeback). Ok, 60 days have passed. Abt says go to microsoft. Microsoft has me send them copies of the letters, then tells me instead of the rebate I was promised, I get $18. Talk about a rip off. I should have just returned the camera. It is fraudulent and deceptive that microsoft first claimed there was no rebate and I had to go to the merchant, but now says its only 2%.


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