Binary FinancialHilarious!

Binary Financial is a very suspicious organisation that pretends to be a decent one.
I honestly tried to find their happy investors and partners but didn't succeed.
The most important and at the same time the most suspicious one is that they don't provide a bit of information about the team. Who is the founder? Who's the CEO? Do they have advisors? If yes and it's published on other websites, why didn't they provide the same information on their own? How do people who they deal with?
The only thing I know is that the HQ is situated in Hong Kong and they have branches in Singapore, UAE and USA.
What did they tell about themselves? Just one sentence saying they are an investment company. Oh really? Thanks for such a detailed description! What are their plans, goals and so on? Nobody knows.
It's the most hilarious website I've ever seen. And those people want to get your investments. Oh dear!

Nov 07, 2018

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