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Respected sir/Madam,
Subject – Complain against LIC agent Mr.Vijay kumar code no.0075255C, Branch
Code –BO-55C, Jharia, Dhanbad.

I have two policies of LIC at Jharia branch, BO-55C, with my name, Md.Alauddin Ansari, Policy No-[protected], Plan/Term-174/20, Dated on 28-02-2006(Bima Gold Money Back Policy) and second policy with my brother name-Md.Salauddin Ansari, Policy No-[protected], Plan/Term-174/20, Dated on 28-01-2006(Bima Gold Money Back Policy).
I did not receive the money back cheques of these two policies which were to be issued in Feb.2010.
When I visited LIC office, Jharia branch on 7th Apr.2010 to have an enquiry regarding my money back cheques, I came to know that the cheque had been already received by my agent two months ago. When I asked Mr.Vijay Kumar about my cheques. He replied that he had submitted my both the cheques in Jharia LIC Office and purchased new policies with my and my brother name.
My complain is against the branch manager and Agent Vijay kumar that why did he misused my cheque and how he opened new policy with my name without my permission and giving me any information and how he duplicated my sign and photograph? This thing is completely fraud against me. Due to his fraud behaviour I did not receive my cheques of 50, 000/= rupees in time. Whereas I am urgently in need of money.
I submitted an application in jharia LIC office but there is no any action till now. There fore, I request you to issue my cheque as soon as possible and cancel the new policy that was fraudly opened by Vijay kumar without my permission and take necessary action against responsible person.

Thanking you,
Md.Alauddin Ansari
Mobile no-[protected]

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