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Phone: 817-298-8088


This company claims to sell puppies that are AKC registered and charges like if they were but when you receive the puppy it comes with no paperwork and then you are told it is registered with an unknown company. Not only are these puppies not AKC registered but they arrive with health issues! I purchased a puppy from this company a couple of months ago and have already spent well over $2, 000 in vet bills because of different medical issues the pup was experiencing! I placed a dispute because they also over charged my credit card because they did not honor a discount they offered me but they are still refusing to credit back the difference. They are holding our registration paperwork hostage until the dispute is settled so we can't even register the puppy. I purchased this puppy under the assumption that it was AKC registered because I wanted to breed my AKC female since she has such a gorgeous face. Currently I am out over $4, 000 because of this situation and this company is acting like I am at fault! Well I think they should do what's right and at least honor their verbal agreement and accept the dispute and put an end to this. I would return the puppy but he is already a part of my family and even though we cannot use him for what we intended we have made a home for him and he is not to blame for all of this!

I am surprised that this company has no other complaints! I wouldn't be shocked if they were associated with & They are ALL from TEXAS!!!


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  • Vi
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    Hello this is Vickie with Big Love Puppies I have waited long enough to respond to this complaint that is stating FALSE Complaints about me and my company. I have had only one person dispute their Credit Card and it was Ms. Nieves. I responded to the Credit Card Company with the statement below and the Credit Card Company resolved the case and returned Big Love Puppies money.

    ** The paperwork such as Puppy Agreement, Vet Examination Report, APRI Pedigree and Registration Paperwork was emailed and attached to the crate with the Gift Bag that had toys and food. Ms. Nieves stated she RECEIVED the toys and food, but claims she did not receive the paperwork; this is hard to believe. I do have another copy of the Pedigree and Registration that can be Mailed Certified to Ms. Nieves, but when I went to Mail Certified the Post Office they told me it was an undeliverable address. I emailed Ms. Nieves and ask for her correct address and have received no response with correct mailing address. On my web site anyone can read or print out my Puppy Agreement and Vet Exam Report with all the details regarding purchasing a puppy from

    The day after I received my money back Ms. Nieves emailed me stating she was going to dispute her Credit Card Again. I immediately responded by contacting the Credit Card Company and sending them the email that she had sent to me and I have not heard anything else in regards to this case which is closed.

    I can say Ms. Nieves NEVER once emailed, faxed, or called me regarding her puppy being sick, nor did she state this with the Credit Card Company. The only thing she ever emailed me was how wonderful her puppy was and how much her and her girls loved him. Ms. Nieves never even told me she had a female, I learned this fact when I read this false statement she wrote about me. I did honor my agreement with Ms. Nieves when I sold her a puppy at a discounted rate and shipped him in good health with the airlines.

    I run my business honestly and do not make false statements to customers. I have references available upon request. If anyone has any comments please call me 817-298-8088.

    Vickie @ Big Love Puppies

  • Bu
      2nd of Sep, 2008
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    Vickie Alvord is associated with and lobopuppies. She is Danielle's and Melody's sister-in-law. I'm sure she is doing business just as they do -- VERY DISHONEST! The Bulldog Kennel Club is a BOGUS registry! If you have purchased a puppy from Vickie, Danielle or Melody and got a so-called "registration" from the BULLDOG KENNEL CLUB, you might as well throw it in the trash because it ISN'T worth the paper it's printed on!! If you received a sick puppy or purchased a puppy and didn't receive registration papers go to: and fill out the victim form.

  • Jo
      2nd of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes, Lobopuppies and BigLovePuppies are all owned by the same people! They all practice business the same -- DISHONEST. Do NOT buy puppies from these PUPPY IMPORTERS...they buy sick puppies from Russia and sell them to unsuspecting people wanting a cute bulldog! Go to and fill out the victim form if you have already made the mistake of purchasing a sick or unregistered puppy from these PUPPY BROKERS!

  • In
      10th of Sep, 2008
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    Marilyn Nieves has bought 3 puppies from different breeders and made claims on 3 different breeders. She is paying for puppies up front with credit cards and then doing a chargeback after the she recieved the puppies. There are numerous complaint posted by this woman online about different breeders.

    All I can say is do not sell her a puppy because she is trying to get dogs for free. This is proven fact and she doesnt want to pay for puppies she purchased and only wants to get her money back. I think she is trying to start a breeding program for free. She has done at least 3 chargebacks that we know of.



  • Ma
      13th of Oct, 2008
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    I am Marilyn Nieves and I am responding to the false claims written about me! I purchased my first bulldog from which died the day after we recieved her! The breeder Danielle NEVER returned my calls or offered a replacement or a refund. She obviously didn't even have the puppy with her because she was clueless to everything that was wrong with the bullies. She totally ignored me so I reported her to the authorities, BBB, Attorney General and my credit card company! Then I TRIED buying a puppy from and Ms. Melody took my money and the day the puppy was suppose to be shipped I recieved an email stating my order had been canceled! She sent me an email saying my monies would be refunded but they never were. So YES I reported her to PAYPAL not my credit card company and they made her refund my money because she never followed through on her end! My third attempt was with, mind you unsuspecting that these three companies were all related, this company actually sent me a bulldog but with no paperwork just a bag full of food and toys! Ms. Vickie over charged my credit card and still to this day I have not received any papers on my puppy. Aside from not sending any paperwork on my bullie he has been sick since the day I got him, has had cherry eye on both eyes, respiratory infections and a lot of health problems. I have already spent well over $4, 000 on him. This company does not sell healthy puppies!!! I have all the documentation which states everything I have said that is why I received my monies back from these companies. They now want to damage my name because they could not get away with ripping me off!! Well how does it feel to know that someone actually was able to get you back for all the wrong you have done!!!

    Everyone I advise you to document everything, report these companies to all agencies and place your complaints here on line, this way others will not be victimized by them!

    BEWARE!!! These ladies are not honest people!!!

  • Ma
      14th of Oct, 2008
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    This is Marilyn again. All I have to say is that these companies present one thing on their web sites and seem very friendly and honest by phone but once they receive payment they are a totally different person with you! There is no loyalty when purchasing these poor puppies and keep in mind that they are not cheap! If you are unlucky enough to end up with a sick puppy you will be looking at spending thousands of dollars through the life of that dog. These so called breeders do not care about you as a customer all they care about is the MONEY they are making from these puppies!

    And don't you cross any of them because they will smear your name in the mud as they have done with mine. Well I was victimized and if I can speak up and inform others I will even if it ruffles some feathers. I work very hard for the money I earn as I am sure all the other victims do as well and it is enraging when people take advantage of situations like these!! My only concern is for my family's well being and not these ladies who have made a career of lying and stealing from others!

    If it makes them feel better to fill their mouths with lies about me well so be it! I am not the one with the reputation of selling sick dogs or selling puppies with no paperwork! I am not the one taking these people monies and not returning their calls when their puppy is sick and dying! I am not the one who steals thousands of dollars from poor victims who all they want is to provide a loving home for these puppies!

    At the end of the day when all is said and done, I am the one who was strong enough to have my voice heard! I am the one who will continue to deface your companies for what they REALLY are in the hopes of avoiding others from making the same mistakes!

  • Ma
      14th of Oct, 2008
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    Report: Danielle O'Neal / Melody Edwards / Vickie Alvord
    Category: Dog Breeders - Danielle O'Neal - -Melody Edwards - - Vickie Alvord Texas Attorney General Files Lawsuit for DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTIVES FRAUD Ft. Worth North Richland Hills & Hurst Texas

    See for yourselves folks the STATE ATTORNEY IS COMING AFTER THESE LADIES!!!


  • Bu
      14th of Oct, 2008
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    YES! These greedy people finally get what is coming to them. IF YOU PURCHASED A SICK PUPPY FROM ONE OF THESE PUPPY IMPORTERS, PLEASE FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERAL. IT'S NOT TOO LATE. THE LAWSUIT CAN BE AMENDED...Here is the story as reported on the local evening news and the local newspapers!

    Thursday, September 18, 2008Last Update: 9:52:43 AM

    State Busts Up Alleged Puppy Mills

    FORT WORTH (CN) - The State of Texas accuses a married couple and the wife's sister of running puppy mills, misrepresenting the diseased bulldogs they sell for $2, 000 to $3, 000 apiece, falsely claiming to have bred the dogs themselves, and refusing to replace dead dogs with healthy, live ones.
    The defendants are Kristy O'Neal dba EPuppyPro aka; her husband, Charles O'Neal, also dba T.B. Elite Marketing LLC dba and; her sister, Melody Edwards dba Lobopuppies aka; and Vickie O'Neal Alvord, an officer of T.B. Elite Marketing and and
    The O'Neals operate out of North Richland Hills, Texas, Edwards out of Hurst.
    The state alleges:
    The defendants misrepresented the health of at least four sick puppies, claiming they had been checked by vets; one died the day after arrival; another one died soon thereafter; one has "two genetic disorders which left it unable to walk or stand."
    One puppy the defendants sold was ill on arrival and died within 6 weeks.
    The defendants advertise their dogs with alleged testimonials from customers, but at least one such customer "made no such statements and remains dissatisfied with his or her purchasing experience."
    The defendants use AKC and other trademarks to advertise their dogs, but refuse to provide AKC papers when requested.
    The defendants misrepresent themselves as the dogs' breeders, but the dogs have tattoos indicating they were imported. One puppy, which Kristy O'Neal misrepresented as bred at her home and "her kids' favorite" went to the purchaser "straight from the airport immediately after being imported."
    The state demands penalties of up to $20, 000 per violation.


  • Da
      19th of Oct, 2008
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    I just wanted to comment on the Marilyn Nieves comments. This lady is a major scammer. She purchased a female puppy from me stating " she wanted a puppy for her daughter's b-day" and that "she never had a dog before in her life". I talked with her at length about bulldogs. I took her puppy to the vet and she checked out just fine. THEN, she called me and emailed me saying the puppy was GREAT! I have the emails to prove that. 3 days later she said she had left the puppy in the crate and found in barley breathing when she came home from work. I told her to call me when she found out what happened. The next thing I got was her credit card charge back. A few days later, I got a call from another breeder stating she sold her a puppy and Marilyn called HER saying she never recieved the puppy and cancelled her credit card. THEN, 2 days later, she purchased a puppy without even calling online from my sister at lobopuppies. I told my sister to give her money back and cancel the deal since she was a major scam artist. She had told my sister the "word for word" same story as she told me and the other breeder. So YEAH SHE GOT HER MONEY BACK from lobopuppies and I have the proof for that too. Now, I go online and see she is trying to scam Vickie with Vickie has NOTHING to do with us and who KNOWS HOW MANY PEOPLE this woman has scammed or tried to scam! She is hideous! DO NOT SELL HER A PUPPY!

  • Bu
      20th of Oct, 2008
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    Danielle O'Neal is sooooooooooo DISHONEST!! Danielle states in the comment above that VICKIE O'NEAL ALVORD has nothing to do with Epuppypro or Lobopuppies! Yeah, right Danielle! She is named on all your TB Elite Marketing Assumed Name Certificates INCLUDING and She is on the certificate just as your husband, her brother Charles O'Neal. She is also on the BULLDOG KENNEL CLUB Assumed Name Certificate. You are all the SAME -- DECEITFUL & DISHONEST!! BUYERS should BEWARE and STAY AWAY from ALL of you!! You thought you could just "open" up a new business to register your IMPORTED puppies but your customers are not as stupid as you think we are. We know that the BULLDOG KENNEL CLUB is NOT a LEGITIMATE Dog Registry. It is something that you and the rest of your DISHONEST family dreamed up to further DECEIVE your customers! Danielle, you have a whole lot of nerve calling anyone a SCAMMER!! You, Charles, Melody and Vickie are the biggest SCAMMERS I have ever had the misfortune of comeing in contact with!! If you all aren't SCAMMERS then why is the Attorney General of Texas after you?? Why are there CIVIL LAWSUITS pending against all of you?? I would be so humiliated if I were any of you and had children and they "googled" my name and all the DIRT that comes up about you and your family came up...You are a FINE Speciman of a human being, Danielle!

  • Bu
      20th of Oct, 2008
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    Danielle! Shame on you! Where the hell do you get off calling anyone a SCAMMER??? You are the biggest SCAMMER ever! You sell sick, imported, unregistered puppies! You and your family are all in the SCAM BUSINESS! Not only do you sell SICK innocent puppies and lie and say that you bred the puppies and that they live in the house with you and your family, you say they are REGISTERED...but they are NOT REGISTERED. The BULLDOG KENNEL CLUB is NOT a LEGITIMATE dog registry it's a company owned by your husband and his sister, VICKIE ALVORD! Your whole family is a bunch of DISHONEST SCAMMERS! You ALL belong BEHIND BARS just like GINA PRICE and all the puppies you keep locked behind bars in your garage! Hey Danielle, the next time you feel like calling somebody a scammer all you have to do is go look in the mirror -- you are a SCAMMER! If you can't bear to look yourself in the face and say "SCAMMER"...just take a look around you...your husband, Charles O'Neal is a SCAMMER, your sister Melody is a SCAMMER and your sister-in-law Vickie O'NEAL Alvord is a SCAMMER!! I would be so ashamed to be one of your children!!

  • Bu
      20th of Oct, 2008
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    Danielle O'Neal is a SCAMMER! She has SCAMMED hundreds of people into believing she sells healthy, home bred, champion bloodline English Bulldogs. The facts are that she IMPORTS puppies FROM RUSSIA and they are SICK from being taken from their mother before they are properly weaned! All Danielle O'Neal cares about is making the $$$ from selling these poor little sick puppies! She does NOT care for the puppies health or wellbeing at all. We got one of her sick puppies who was imported from Russia and the puppy was neither healthy or registered. Everything that Danielle told us about the puppy was a LIE! She is the BIGGEST SCAMMER EVER!

  • Do
      11th of Jun, 2010
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    Thanks for sharing. But, you should have known better. Shame on you for giving money away to these people without doing your research.

    Any breeder who lists more than two breeds with more than one or two litters at a time is likely pretty shady. Also note that on these web sites there are about often 20 types of dogs being advertised for sale, not all of whom are "purebred". Also - why don't they ever list the exact weight of mom and dad or post pictures of them? Because they are listing a range of what normal adult dogs of that breed typically weigh, because they are not in touch with the mom and dad of the litter - a common clue that the dogs are not being treated well or even being watched over by the puppy mill owner or so called breeder ("commercial breederrs" fyi are puppy mill owners). and treat them terrible.

    If you want an AKC registered puppy that is for sure not going to have any problems, go to and look under their recommended Breed Clubs to find reputable and responsible breeders who love and care for these dogs as their own.



    FOR THE LOVE OF DOG. . . do your research!

  • Do
      11th of Jun, 2010
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    PS Danielle - how dumb are you to believe that people on this forum will believe a word you say? It's ridiculous and you know better. People like you are sick and twisted.

  • Ar
      18th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes - sick unregistered puppies
    Big Love Puppies
    6731 Bridge Street Ste. 54
    Ft Worth
    United States
    Phone: 817 298-8088

    Hello I too am a victim of this scam. We bought an english bulldog puppy from a littler born January 20, 2010 through Vicki at We have endured much heartache watching his health deteriorate through the months we've had him...not to mention the financial aspect of this paying the vet bills. We first noticed a small rash on his stomach we thought was ring worm until we took him to the vet and found out it was actually Demodex Mange which causes open sores all over the body, hair loss and is contagious to humans. This is a hereditary condition passed from parents or grandparents to their offspring which we were not told of before purchase This doesn't prove to be a safe environment for my children...especially our 9 month old who crawls on the floor. What seemed to be a minor inconvenience has turned into a horrible situation for our family. He is completely untouchable which is in NO WAY fair to him. So, Vickie if you ever read this I am not afraid to leave who post this. You know what you did was wrong. To everyone else beware of this person. I have tons of pics that i will be willing to show. My contact info is below.

    Nicole Grimm

  • Di
      25th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    To the business owner: ErinSandler is an individual who has set out to cause damage to businesses listed on here. Her (or his) sole purpose is to cause damage. I am in discussion with the law firm of Starrs Mihm, LLP to bring extortion and defamation charges against Complaints Board. In that process, we can subpoena records relating to the IP address of "ErinSandler" consequently, this sewer rat will be made public. If you would like to join me, please send an email to (designated for this website), and I will have my attorney's contact you. I have the wherewithal and vigor to stop this.

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