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Biggers Auto Group / Buyers beware

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Buyer beware when looking for used cars at the Mazda, Biggers Auto Group. Back in May 2009 I was looking to purchase 2 used vehicles...the one looked pretty good, a few problems but nothing alarming.

Went to purchase the one...and was still in the market for another, since I was there it just made sense to look at what they had for another economy car. They had one that over all looked clean. Was in the price range so I wanted to start it up check it out...the salesman Shawn Quindel gave me the key to start it, right away the engine light was on!! An obvious problem, since in the State and certain counties of Illinois, cars are required to pass emissions and with the check engine light on its an automatic fail with possible suspension of your drivers license. Chris the sales manager and Shawn indicated that this car was inspected and put thru the shop. The only thing they found wrong was brakes which they did replace.

Everybody there, said the code for the engine light just needed to be cleared out...thinking there retailing the car, its a Mazda used car, their a Mazda dealership, they checked it out...I took their word for it, it just needs to be cleared out...I had them put it in writing anyway!!

Well after the delivery, and since there was another dealer closer to me a couple of days later, I took it in for some small maintenance...and since it was there, for them to check the engine light on why it was on...

Well hold on to your seat!! Boom, 2 codes popped up!! Codes are 1) P0304 for a mis-fire, and another 2) P0421 for a bad cat converter for exhaust!!

Here we go after spending over a $1, 000 for 2 coil packs for mis-fire and other repairs...the quote for the converter and labor comes to $1, 126...

So now I have a car with major problems, $1000's out of pocket, won`t pass emissions..

So like any consumer, and the dealer put it in writing that the check engine light is on when you bought it...that the dealer would honer something here...

Here we go!! Made several calls, no returned calls!! Finallly called the owner spoke with him JIM LEICHTER (PRESIDENT) said would look into it...Ron Liszka (GENERAL MANAGER) finally called me...he said that the car was purchase AS-IS, but understood my complaint so would get back to me to see if they would compensate for any of the repairs...

Guess what the final This they will only clear the code out as noted!! Nothing more, nothing else!! What?? What would be the point to just clear the code?? So I can drive off the lot after clearing the code, and 5 minutes later for the light to come on again which it will, according to another Mazda dealer...I have a FAILED CAT CONVERTER, the light will always be on, until the part gets replace!!! Big money folks!!

Any consumer out there looking at a used car from this group!! Beware, and learn from my situation!! Take the car before purchase to a 3rd party for an inspection, a Mechanic or better yet to another dealer before the purchase!! No matter what they say they did to it or fixed!!

How can a dealer sell cars for a living to the public, has certain consumer laws to follow, emission laws, etc?? I did not buy this car from an individual, or an auction!! They are not the experts for repairs, dealers are, that`s why you wouldn't mind and feel comfortable purchasing a car from a dealer!! They are representing a product, this is their living, they should stand by it!!


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