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I would like to share with you my less than awesome experience with

I have a very unique bra size, I can never purchase department store bras or swimsuits, they have to be special ordered. I thought I had finally found a site that could help me out in the swimsuit department without making me look like a granny.

I found a piece that I liked, and placed an order for a swim top last week, using my husbands credit card that he authorized me to use. He was sitting right next to me when I placed the order. We live in a rual area, so our physical address and mailing address are two completely different things. We have all of our bills and mail going to a PO Box, every single one of them. Since we have a vacation coming up, I opted for 3 day shipping.

When 5 business days had passed and I still had not had my top, I called the company to inquire. The woman I spoke to was incompetent at best, she pulled up a different customer whos middle and last name was the same as my first and last name….even though I repeatedly told her that was incorrect. She continued to process the wrong order, I finally had to slow it way down for her and explain for what seemed like the millionth time that this was not me. 15 minuets into the call, she finally gets it right. She then says that something went wrong with the payment, saying they said they sent us an email saying the order didn't go through because of a discrepancy with the billing address. I assured her we never received such an email. She insists it was sent. I have my husband on Skype listening to this entire conversation and he confirms he does not have the email in his spam or inbox. She then gets very impatient and snaps at me, saying that any time there is a billing discrepancy, an email is sent out. She then puts me on hold for 10 more minuets, comes back only to say that she actually has no record of the email being sent.

It is now 6 days until our travel date, so naturally I am getting very upset, as I don’t have the luxury of just going to the store and buying a swim top. She offers to resubmit the order, with 5 day ground shipping. Its Thursday, we leave the following Wednesday, clearly that is not going to work, especially considering we paid for 3 day shipping. The woman then lets out an exasperated sigh, and says they will expedite the order at no extra charge due to the inconvenience. Im relived, because now I feel like we are getting somewhere. All she needs now is to verify the credit card and billing address. At this point, I have been on the phone for nearly 45 minuets, and had to leave for a prior engagement. I gave her my husbands number(as its his card) and they were going to work it out.

About an hour later, my husband calls to say that he worked it out, but had been told by the manager of the company that to next time “take our business elsewhere” and that they “didn’t want to deal with us anymore”. Apparently, the email I gave them as a backup [protected]@YMAIL.COM) isnt a 'real' email handle. Sorry, there is and Its not my problem they dont understand that. Also there was still a billing issue with the bank, even tho my husband (the cardholder) confirmed up and down all of the information. He ended up using a different card for the 'new' order anyway. Furious, I get on the phone to speak with the manager in question. After being on hold for 20 minuets, he gets on the line and I explain the situation in a calm and collected manner. All I want is the suit, and I would like them to honor the expedited shipping, considering the circumstance.

The manager gets crass with me, accusing us of fraud. The bank flagged the purchase because the person who put in the order missed something with our PO Box. I explained that we complied fully with all their requests in order to fix the situation, and his comments were completely un-necessary. The manager then gets completely enraged, saying that we should APPRECIATE they even helped us out by reprocessing the order that they messed up in the first place and then goes on to call me a ‘###ing ###’ because he has ‘wasted over an hour of work time’ on my order. I try to continue to explain that it was a mix up and we did everything we could to rectify the situation, but after every word I said he screamed I CAN STILL STOP THE ORDER, I CAN STOP THE ORDER RIGHT NOW!!! This foul excuse for a business manager then has the audacity to tell me that I should be nicer (even though he is the one throwing out obscenities) and I should be thankful they processed the order at all.

I told him he should practice what he preaches and promptly disconnected the call. I am furious to no end at this point, I called my husband and told him to cancel the order. He calls and they tell him it ‘already shipped’ and that it should be here Monday.

Yes, I was frustrated (understandably so) but I was calm and professional about it. Having a hard to size/buy chest, I expect that kind of crass behavior from department stores, but not from a place that specializes in large chests. The way I was treated today was completely unprofessional and hurtful.

I dont want any apology from them, I just want other well endowed women to be aware to steer clear of this retailer.

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  • Jf
      21st of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    Please accept my apology for your experience with I would like to discuss and resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. Contact our customer service at 1-866-352-4494, Monday throught Friday 8am to 4:30pm Eastern Time.
    Sales Manager

  • Ki
      20th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes - DO NOT USE this site if you are looking for a good shopping experience
    United States

    They steal your money. After receiving my items I tried them on and none of them fit. Despite being my size. I sent the items back within 30 days and now 45 days after the return I have not received a credit. Whenever I call the toll free number their VERY RUDE receptionist is not helpful and refuses to transfer me to any supervisors or managers. She says that she is the only person I can deal with. DO NOT USE this site if you are looking for a good shopping experience.

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