Bigfoot-mobilecarts Big Foot Mobile Carts Doug Solis / Unbelievably Rude Paranoid Customer Service

1 4015 Blackthorn Dr, Vacaville, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (707) 333-4400 Direct

I contacted bigfootmobile carts for a quote. I gave all the information regarding the type of storage I needed. Instead of offering a quote by email or phone, I was sent an email from Doug Solis, the president requesting my name and number. I called the main office and was refused a quote, the reason: I might be "the competition
" and they needed to be sure I was a customer. I was shocked at being accused of spying on their company and It was at that time I was told they refused to do business with me. What a bunch of freaks. I needed a mobile cart for a mac pro. I'm not a spy trying to compete with their business. Please get your mobile carts rack storage from a company that's not insane.

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