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Rick Tawfeek owner of Big Screen Plus, gave me an estimate over the phone said he knew what was wrong with my 32"Sony TV when he came to the house that evening the TV was on and had a good picture after calling friends to get help even though he said he has worked on TV's for 30 years said he would have to research and get back with me the next evening. This was after he had heads upside down lots of unrully lines on the screen and then eventually a blank TVscreen. Took $75. just business cards no invoice wanted check made out to him instead of company never heard from him again even though I left several messages. He finally responded after I talked with his mother and she said she would give him the message, he also had the check payable to his mother on the back, so she was the one who cashed it. That's when I finally realized this guy is a con artist. I didn't have a good feeling when he left, now I knew I was right I should have put a stop payment on it. But I have put a complaint into the BBB.

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      Mar 21, 2013

    Rick is a stupid ### son.of a ###!!! You got that right he's just a got damn con artist! I paid Rick $40 to come look at my 55 inch big screen TV and he said he can fix it and the $40 would go towards the labor and parts which was $175-$40=$135. He came back over to repair the TV and all of a sudden he didn't have a certain piece that he needed so he needed $60 from me to go buy the piece. That was like two weeks ago. So he keeps telling my husband that he's coming by between 5 and 6pm and I haven't seen his face yet. Then he gave us another Guy's number and said that's his partner and that his partner would come repair my tv but this guy has never pictked up his phone. Rick hasn't shown his face or answered his phone. I hope somebody cracks him in his head because that's what he acts like...a crackhead! I'm going to report his ### to the BBB as well. YOU'RE DEAD ### WRONG FOR ALL THESE SCHEMES YOU PULLING ON PEOPLE GOD DONT LIKE UGLY

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