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big pay day loan / said was law firm at big

1 not surenot sure, United States
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Phone: not sure

i took out pay day loan with comp and feel behind and this comp called me today said was with a law firm and that he worked for big asked for name of law firm refuses to give took out loan for 150$ he told me balance was to pay back was 260$ then started to be very rude and disrespectful told him that is not the way to call some one and you are trying to work with them he said we can talk to u this we way you owe money and we are a law firm and if you don't settle today we will submit garnishment papers tommorow for them to take 60% per cent of your check one pymt of 600$ then another pymts of 600% and balance will be paid ( total of 1200$) or settle for 260$ told him need law firm name again pay plan will not work for me will give him 130 on the 14th of oct then the rest in two weeks( the man got silent and hung up) he called from private # there was no way to call him back this sound like a scam comp that shld be looked into when told him that i was considering consolidating loan said that they don't do that and the company only pays them 10$ a month and they want take that and refuses to give name of the law firm but also sounds like the same rep that called to confirm loan when i 1st took out the loan. (i have been garnished before by the goverment) and no one can garnish from what i understood is 40% there is no comp out there should be able to garnish any one for 1200$ for a 150 pay day loan that really needs to be look into this company is threating 60% of my check for a 150$ pay day loan this is a serious scam and needs to be looked into


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