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Before you accept an offer... know that you

*Will be micro-managed -
*You will accept complacency as the norm.
*Your staff dictates what is acceptable no matter how ridiculous.
*Excessive over time with no compensation or recognition.
*No respect for Off-Time or family Values.

Big Lots is by far the worst company I have ever worked for. I can honestly say I came onboard excited that I would be working for this company. Since I had always been a fan! (This was my wake up call - needless to say I steer FAR away from this place.)

When I first met the DM I was impressed and belived he would be a a great mentor - immediately found this not to be the case - he is completely inept -has poor leadership skills and is non supportive. God forbid you coach any member of your staff on poor performance. Complacency rules at Big Lot's all one has to do is look around and you immediately understand after working for the company why the stores always look dirty/unkept. The crew apparently answers to no one. Laziness is a prerequisite to getting the job. You will inherit a staff that has been with the company for years and is related or connected in one way or another. You will not be given the support or tools to clean house to rid your store of the under performing parasites/clock watchers. Forget about taking ownership of your store! Your DM and Regional Manager will hinder your every move.You will find there is no structure and the "open door" policy is your staffs tool to do what they do best "NOTHING" Forget about building a relationship or partnering with your DM/Regional Manager or HR you will find they are just as useless as your staff! Forget about building a strong team and forget about loyalty when you become a member of this organization everything immediately goes black!

You will spend your time off searching for a way out of this NIGHTMARE.

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  • Ja
      24th of Mar, 2012

    By far the worst company to work for period. They are grossly unorganized, rude and very unprofessional.
    I wouldn't reccomend this company to my worst enemy. I refuse to step foot into any of their stores and have told all my family and friends to stay away as well.

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