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Big Fish Dearborn / Awful experience

1 United States

My sister and I decided to try Big Fish restaurant in Dearborn, MI for the first time, it was always packed when we drove by. The atmosphere is wonderful, very upscale and modern! The menu was excellent as well as the servers! Our food came fast and hot and beautifully plated! The dining was great! We were so pleased we decided to try dessert. I ordered a key lime pie, and my sister ordered simple cheesecake. Our desserts came and looked heavenly, we both dug in and mine was to die for, but my sister looked disgusted. She put down her fork and pulled a long gray hair out of her mouth. Needless to say, after that neither of us were hungry. The busser saw the ordeal, and was the first to come over and comment, he too was pretty disgusted by the whole thing and went to get our waitress, who also was apologetic, and sympathetic. The manager finally came to the table and the first thing he said was "I don't know what that was, it doesn't look like a hair to me" We were floored! Instead of apologizing and offering some shred of sympathy for a ruined meal, he is question what exactly it was that was found in the food. Regardless of what it was it didn't belong in Cheesecake!!! We were appalled! The manager's only offer was to not charge us for the desserts, that we took 1 bite of to begin with, and obviously had no intention of paying for at that point anyway! Mind you our bill before the desserts came to $113.00 for 2 of us, we were not concerned with the money, we just would have liked to have been treated fairly in the situation, not like we were wrong for expecting some sympathy. The manager left and our waitress came back with the revised bill, we determined her tip and left that with a note on the bill explaining that we were only leaving the tip, because of the poor resolution of our dessert mishap. Just a little advice... check for hairs at big fish!


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