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I have watched Big Brother all 11 seasons, this year there are 3 women(using that title loosely), have been throwing threats around more than i believe is necessary for a game. On the live feed today at 3:oo est, one of them said they heard cheering outside, and they were hoping it was someone bringing them a machine gun to shoot up certain people in the house, meaning Jeff, Jordan and Russell, this was inappropriate, and extremely serious to me, and others on the message boards. There is so much violence today, why would CBS allow this? I along with others pay good money for this 24/7 feed, and am getting tired of hearing these threats. I hope you will address this appropriately.

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  • Tb
      Feb 20, 2008
    Big Brother - Terrible show!
    Big Brother
    United States

    While watching Big Brother on CBS last night with my two middle schoolers, CBS chose to broadcast the sex scene in the bathroom between Ryan and his girlfriend Jen. I cannot believe that CBS aired that particular scene on prime time. ARE THEY REALLY THAT DESPERATE FOR RATINGS??? I WAS TOTALLY DISGUSTED AND APPALLED TO HAVE THAT ON MY TV WHILE WATCHING WITH MY TWO CHILDREN!!! WE WILL NEVER WATCH THAT SHOW AGAIN...

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  • Be
      Aug 16, 2009

    Boo HoO. You know what the show's about, and people arguing is part of it. If You don't like it don't watch it, You Idiot!!! $500, 000.00 is up for grabs and people are going to get emotional. That's part of the show, and part of dealing with a roller coaster of a ride emotionally. So suck it up cry baby, if you can't deal then change the channel. Duh!!!.I'm sick of watching Jeff and Jordan get Preferential treatment (Wizard Power all of a sudden, Yeah right!). I'm sick of watching Jeff sit outside and cry, and wine about everyone picking on him, and not talking to him. I'm sick of Jeff not playing the game, but getting so far from doing absolutly nothing. Nobody has ever got so far from doing nothing in the history of the game, but because the ladies love him, he's all of a sudden Mr.#1. But hey you don't hear me complaing. SUCK IT UP! We all have are opionions. And the reason you hate it, is the reason I love it. So go on with your perfect life, and learn to deal Bozo.

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