Big Brewsky / big brewsky - big disappointment! an unpleasant experience!!!

Bengaluru, IN Review updated:

Our son, decided to give us a treat- a Sunday buffet lunch at the Big Brewsky on Sarjapur Road, Bengaluru. . He reserved a table for five ( self, wife, son, daughter-in-law and our nearly two year old grand daughter) ( on Friday, the 17th Nov., for Sunday the 19th ( 1.00pm). We reached there at 12.45 pm, and the Valet parking attendants were quite courteous and helpful. We reached the front desk, and told a girl steward there, about our reservation. She took us past several vacant tables, near the buffet counters, and at the end of the walkway, we squeezed awkwardly between a table and counter and had to take a rather steep step down . Then at the end of a pool, she showed us a table, beside another smaller pool. We told her our concern that, with a two year old, who cannot be expected to still, for the duration of the lunch, the water bodies posed a high risk. We pointed out to her the vacant tables near the buffet counters, we just walked past. She told rather brusquely that, they are all reserved. Couldn't understand the logic. We arrived 15 minutes in advance, and yet could not get the vacant tables. Are particular tables too reserved in advance ? When asked for other options, she said seats were available on the 2nd Floor? We were happy, but it didn't last long, when she told that we have to walk down to the buffet tables on the 1st floor. Seeing our predicament, a steward came to our aid, and requested the female steward, to try to accommodate us either in one of the vacant tables near the buffet counters, or on the first floor. She brushed him away, by saying that, they are all reserved. She gave the impression that, she has more important matters to attend to, and just ignored us. Terribly disappointed to say the least. We had to walk away and look out for an alternate lunch place. So those thinking of going to this place, with children and senior citizens, think twice, and have alternate dining places ready.

  • Updated by V Kesavan Nair, Nov 23, 2017

    Apparently you have not been to this restaurant. Else you wouldn't have made such comments. You should see the layout of the restaurant, where there are a few water bodies, about 3 to 4 feet in depth. The tables shown to us were just by the side of it. One cannot expect a two year to sit quietly, while the elders were having lunch. The buffet counters were about 50 feet away, and Everytime one has two walk between closely grouped tables, to fill ones plate. As told before they have no system of reserving particular tables. No such option was offered to us, when we reserved our table a couple of days in advance. Anyway I don't wish to continue this argument with you, since for reasons not apparent, you are biased.

Nov 19, 2017

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