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Hello everyone! this thread is to spread the word about the network which is called "Bidvertiser" they are a bunch of scammers & below i'll be explaining in depth how they scammed me!

So first of all i wanted to try a different cpc network other than adsense & bing ads, i came across an article which has over 15 networks are are recommended by them.

Bidvertiser was the first on the list! so i went ahead and signed up with them after reading their information and how they have a "special" team to detect any fraud clicks and prevent them!

In addition they offered a free $20 once you deposit your first $50, so that encouraged me to go ahead and start the process.
My whole purpose of choosing them is their "too good to be true" average cost per click for first tier countries which is $0.02

And i only wanted to target a exclusive offer on a certain network which is a ppc offer which pays me $0.27 per click, so i thought it will be successful for me to run campaigns on that offer.

i went ahead and made my first campaign, waited a day till i got approved, and in the next day, i started receiving traffic and revenue, i was getting so much traffic from them that the whole offer's budget which i was promoting was spent up, and ofcourse i was getting all that money through bidvertiser.

i was more encouraged and went ahead and deposited a $100 in bidvertiser since you know i was getting %300+ ROI promoting that exclusive offer.

The same thing happened the next day and the day after it, i spent $500+ promoting that offer.

But i've got an email from my network which says this:

I was paranoid and thought that my network does not want to pay me and never thought that there was something wrong with the traffic (Money can blind you and that what happened with me) also i went ahead and searched google for scams that happened in my network and i saw alotta of stuff which made me think that they don't want to pay me for real and my traffic is good.

But i had to make sure that the traffic is good, so i went ahead and started a new campaign from my other network and sent traffic to it but this time i made sure that i'm using a landing page with google analytics linked to it! and guess what?

Their traffic comes to the site and only stays for 1 second and leaves!
I'm so pissed off! they also never reply on skype neither support tickets :

i've lost over $500+ and ofcourse i won't get paid by my network because its so obvious that the traffic is trash and botted.

i don't know if i can submit a dispute to paypal for all the deposits that i have made on their site, if you guys have any useful intel regarding such incidents and if i can make a dispute that would be really appreciated!

Never Use This Network!! bidvertiser is a SCAM!


Apr 30, 2017
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  • Md
      28th of Nov, 2017

    yes Bro.Here is My compaigns and Spam traffic comes from Bidvertizer.

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