BidToro / I am making a complaint

London England Greater London, GB

Hey I an once again making a complaint with bidtoro I signed up with them didn't get it didn't lie it so I cancelled only to find out the next month I has been billed anywaya I have made numerous attempt's to get my money back I have even spoken to a sale rep from London telling me everything would be fixed this was well Overy a year ago I still don't have my money I have not used the credit's or points they are still on my user name I had to cancel that credit card so it would not be billed again because it wasn't suppose to be billed in the first place but anyways over a year in teying to get my money back so now I can't even get on to the Web that wouldn't of sent me my item even of I had of won it so wowe looks like I have a great chance of getting that back

Mar 31, 2017

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