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Penny auctions scam

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United States
I joined and purchased Bidmacs $165 bid pack December 2010 in hopes to purchase some quality but low priced Christmas gifts. I entered 130 bids and won a Nintendo Wii game console for $12.65. That comes up to 1, 265 total bids on this item. Each bid is a penny with comes up to about $.60 cents a bid. That means 1, 265 bids at $.60 cents is a total price of $759 dollars the Nintendo Wii sold for in this auction from all bidders combined. I also won on December 9, 2010 a Garmin nuvi 205W GPS for $5.74 and Sephora Collection makeup for $ 5.48 on this auction site. I was very happy with my purchases and the amount I paid for them, but I never received any of them. After waiting twelve shipping days, I received an email from Bidmacs customer service saying my refund will be deposited back into my account within 3 to 5 business days. They gave me no explanation of why my items would not be sent to me. I stayed up hours and hours trying to win these items and won them at a low price and 3 days before Christmas Bidmacs sends me a refund email that was not requested by me. Bidmacs emails state they're refunding all money, $165 for Pro Bid pack, $12.65 for Nintendo Wii, $5.48 for Sephora Collection makeup, and $5.74 for Garmin nuvi 205W. I do not want these refunds back. I want all of these items I have won with time and effort spent at these auctions. If I am receiving refunds for these items, shouldn't everyone who placed their bids on the auctions I won get theirs back? This is where the scam comes in at. Other people surely don't know that I get my refund for an item(s) they lost their bids to, so no refund to them and their money is kept at a profit to Bidmacs. What about auctions that I lost? Did the winners really get their items or refunds? Bidmacs owes everyone a refund and me an explanation of why I didn't receive any of my items won at their penny auction prices. Finally, I believe Bidmacs is a fraudulent business/website that preys on people looking for quality items at lower prices.
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N  14th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes

Bidmacs - Ripped OFF
United States

WARNING! Do not bid at this site. I did for about a week. Won a few products including an x box 360 a 100.00 sears card and a 100.00 Macys card. They never came. I complained over and over again and all the company did very little actually nothing to get me the products. Watch out and do not go here the managers, owners do not get back to you either. I lost a lot of money not to receive the products bet on. This is betting. Just as VEGAS if you bet 1 cent and win one million dollars, you want that million right? Imagine VEGAS without telling you refund the 1 cent and the million never arrives. The customer service at this site is terrible as said they just made changes to my account and never talked to me. WATCH OUT!
A  19th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
Bidmacs came to me in my E-MAIL and I inadvertently purchased a bid pack for $149.99 on NOVEMBER 24, 2010. Boy was I surprised. I can't even duplicate the crazy way I ended up getting charged.

I have called at least a dozen times and have e-mailed and left messages and I still do not have my refund as promised and today is JANUARY 18, 2011.
Today when I called you actually don't talk to a person, but leave a message. Weird.
At one point the customer service person told me that they are a 3rd party calling center and they don't even actually work for bidmacs.
I know I was stupid. I cancelled my card, my account and my husband is still mad at me. I am happy to file a file a former complain to whomever it is appropriate. I need my money back.

I filed a complaint with Deleware BBB based on information posted on another site 1-18-11 and come to find out the complaint was rerouted to Utah.

I have been psycho calling and e-mailing.
N  31st of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes

Bidmacs - Refund
United States

When I originally looked at the Bidmacs sight it stated "Free" registration. My credit information was given for bidding purposes only. This happened on a weekend. The following Monday I looked at my bank account and noticed that they charged my account $149.99. I immediately started calling and emailing this company for a refund. I was never contacted. I finally was able to speak with a person at Bidmacs Customer Service on 12/29/10 and was advised that my refund request was processed on 12/8/10 and a confirmation # was given to me. As of today, 1/31/11 I still have not received my refund! What kind of company is this?????????
A  1st of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
I agree. The company seems to have disappeared as their website is no longer working. I am very frustrated because I barely had a chance to use the bids and should be getting a big refund. I don't expect to see it. Anybody know how to sue?
A  7th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
The Penny Auction Watch site is Major scam(pennyauctionwatch.com). Also known as "PAW".

PAW is a front for these dishonest penny auction owners to make their sites look legit. Penny Auction Owners plant positive experiences on here(Complaints Board) and on the Penny Auction Watch forums(PAW) to bait people into playing and buying bid packs. Buying bid packs to bid on items? What a joke and scam!

Go to Flippa[dot]com and search "penny auctions for sale"

There you can see how these operates by the use of controlled bots on autobid to scam any real people into buying more and more bid packs until the reserve price has at least been met for that item that's bid on. They aren't in the business to LOSE money and will never ACTUALLY sell an item below value. If not enough real people are bidding on a particular item for a while, they will end the auction to a bot name. They will then list the bots name in the "Auction History" section to make it look as if REAL people actually win and auction is honest+fair.

You can buy your own Penny Auction from Flippa.com and start scamming also. So easy to do.

Also. Google, "penny auction website script" and see how these scams operate. The scripts are cheap to buy.
To build up traffic to your scam penny auction you must plant positive experiences on forums such as PAW(PAW is a front). You must also dispute ANY negativity or complaints on forums such as this.
For EX, tell the angry complainer that he must be crazy, use stupid bidding techniques and unlucky because you win all the time and just won a 52inch Plasma for 2 bucks. People WILL start believing you if you plant enough fake postitive experiences/reviews. JUST make sure to use different names each time you fake post. If you use same name over and over again telling everyone you win all the time, people will begin to catch on and realize it's just a fake post planted by the Penny Site operator/owner.

Anyone can do this... so easy to make money. MAKE sure that the server that hosts your scam auction is located outside of the USA so you can get around federal gambling regulated laws. If heat gets to much, then shut scam auction down and create a new one. Repeat process.

Happy scammin'!!

I tried to post that on PAW(pennyauctionwatch[.]com) to warn good honest people BUT they wouldn't allow it to post.. I wonder why? ;)

So i'll just post away on websites such as this.

You use to could post on PAW right away but now they have a Moderator that must approve your post first.. I wonder why that is? ;)

I think we ALL know why that is :)
A  11th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
I first got the name of Bidmacs in an email. I only saw good reports, so I thought I would give it a try. I started with a small amount to try and see what happened. I was quite surprised to see that I had been charged the $149.99 package. I immediately got to them, and my money was returned right then. Then I started watching to see how things were done. I did win an external harddrive with 1tb. Thjey gave me a tracking number and the HD arrived. I then won a $100 Best Buy Card. It didn't come and after a few phone calls, they refunded the amount I had bid. The next few days, I was unable to see any auctions going on. I called the number, and was told that they were in the middle of reorganizing things. I keep waiting. I still have them owing me for $54 ( they still have in bids), I have called numerous times, and never get a return call, as I had been before. Is there something we can to collectively? I am on fixed income, and never should have done this, except I thought it would be fun to give my grandkids a great X-mas. I can always here my husband say "you always expect people to do what they say". I am sure he is rolling- LOL! Another lesson learned. If anyone starts to get somewhere, please contact me. I'd like my $54.00 back.
N  7th of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
My experience is the same. Looks like we are out $149.

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