BHARTI AXA LIFE INSURENCE COMPANY LTD / Employees Haressment, Termination of employees on new DAP, forcing employees to haress to customers

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Respected sir/madam

We are the employees of BHARTI AXA LIFE INSURENCE COMPANY LTD, HYDERABAD. Management is not treating us as a human beings... treating as human doings in sales.Employees are haressed 24hrs for new bussiness and new DAP has been launched in company to reduce the manpower. Employees are not ready to accept new DAP though it is unachievable target. Due to market ression, customers are not ready to invest in any ulips, but company haressaring the customers through employees for new bussiness. so many low level employees in sales got married and they are all dependent on company, if not they has to do suicide.

hence we request the top management to modify the new DAP and save our life.


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