BF-Central / Charging for Services They never provide

1 7413 Six Forks Road, #363, Raleigh, NC, United States

I am writing this for my daughter (who is currently out of the country). She joined Gold's Gym in Norton (7/2011)and was quickly approached by a personal trainer from Professional Fitness. She was promised all sorts of items and trainings, evaluations, nutrition, etc. She signed the agreement..what a mistake. She was supposed to be getting 4 sessions a month, but by the end of (9/2011) had received a total of 3 (one was supposed to be free and I shouldn't even give them credit for that one). They lost her file, they could never be reached, they weren't available to train her, other people at the gym started telling her how far behind they were and they were having the same trouble reaching them. At the end of September she cancelled her debit card because they weren't training her but were charging her. They continue to send threatening letters demanding the money. We filed a complained with the BBB of Utah (12/2011) where National Fitness is located (they are the ones sending the letters). I filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office of Massachusetts 4/2012). I'm wondering how you put together a class action suit against a company? Does anyone know? Has anyone had any success getting these people off your back? I have sent registered letters to: Gold's Gym in Norton, Professional Fitness, CT Corporation System, 155 Federal Street, Ste 700, Boston, MA 02110, BF-Central, LLC., 7413 Six Forks Road, 363, Raleigh, NC 27615 National Fitness PO Box 497, Layton, UT 84041. I never heard back from anyone except from National Fitness and they just increasing the tone of their threats and the balance due. This is such a scam and I don't understand how they have been getting away with this. How can they still expect this money if they don't provide their services??

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