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Beverly's Crafts / Terrible experience

1 1260 E. Washington StreetColton, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 909-783-4797

The last 3-4 months Beverly's Crafts located in Colton, CA has been advertising a going out of business sale, and like most of these kinds of sales we have seen in our area of Southern California, as the time draws closer to an end date of selling everything in the store, the discounts get bigger and people looking for a bargain wait with the hope the discount is worth a drive out and then at the end, the store is selling fixtures etc. My goal was to buy two skeins of yarn that I needed to finish an afghan, and my hope was it would fit into my ten dollar budget because last time I saw the yarn at their store it would have cost me about 15 bucks with tax.

I went to this Beverly'a location about a month ago when everything was 30% off. There were some items like leftover Christmas ornaments that were 80% off, but for the most part, everything was full price. What I noticed was a lot of items that were 6.99, 8.99, were items you could find at JO ANN's for at least a dollar cheaper, so I figure I can wait a month see what they have at 40% off because the clerk said they were not going to close up until they sold everything. I went back yesterday (4-7-09) and although there was less merchandise, it seemed like the prices on yarn were higher than they were a month ago, because the discount ended up the same price as when I was there last month. Same thing on the candy in the wedding section.

What also put me off on this 'sale' was, the flyers state 'everything in the store 40% off, ' so, when I picked up a quilting for Dummies kit discounted to 5.00, I figure it would cost 3.00 at 40% off. The flyers don't have the fine print that is conspicuous enough to see the 40% is not really on every item in the store. If the flyer had a huge asterick on the 40% part then that would have clued me in that there were exclusions on this discount. I wish the signs in the store were a bit clearer on what was really discounted and separate from the 'everything in the store at 40%' concept, because 'items already on sale or clearance not included' would have helped so I would not question the clerk at the check out when it rang up without the discount as advertised.


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