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Betty's Yorkies started dealing majorly with Lieta last year (2014).
By reselling Lieta puppies, Joanne Pedram (owner of betty's yokies) starting making lots of sales and was able to grow big and gained popularity. She was selling many puppies due to very high demand after selling to a celebrity and was requesting many shipments without paying them in full; saying she cannot send too much money overseas due to tax reasons and can only pay graudually.
Since we thought of her as a good business partner and also a friend, we trusted her and sent many puppies thinking she will pay us but we were wrong.
When we requested to clear balance last month, she refused to pay them all (only paid portion of the bill) and was telling us many lies. Few days ago, she posting on her facebook notifying she changed the breeder, blocked us from all her social media and messenger, and started buying puppies from a pet store who deals wih puppy mills.

Betty's Yorkies only think of puppies as tool to make money. She never sincerely cares for her clients or dogs happiness. She refers her clients as "rich dumb followers"! When the puppy gets sick at clients home, she tells them not to bring the puppy to the vet because she is afraid her clients might think she sold sick dogs and don't want any bad reviews posted online. Some puppies were left untreated and died without a single vet visit. How can a person be so cruel to innocent puppies?
She just says she can give new puppy and demands replacement from us.
What does Betty's Yorkies do in the middle then?
Make tons of money brokering puppies and just sit and collect money?
90% of what Betty's Yorkies told us was lies. She made so many rumours and pretending she did nothing.
If you've ever tried your best to help/work with someone but later was so regretful of your work, you might understand how we feel now.

We do not wish to work with Betty's yorkies anymore. Ever since we realized she was lying and is careless for puppies but only money, we did not want to.
We told her to work with whoever she wishes as we do not care but pay of what she owes before dealing with others but now, she is telling us and also others that she owes nothing to us.

We tried our best to raise these pupies so they can all go to new family but Betty's yorkies was thinking totally different as what we thought she was.
She never loved puppies; she only loved money our puppies brought to her.
It was very stressful and disapointing but we are glad we finally know the truth now.
We are writing this as we cannot forgive her for scamming us and wish there are no more victims from now on.
We wanted all true animal lovers to know the truth about Betty's Yorkies and Joanne Pedram shoud be shameful of herself.

Betty's Yorkies probably is busy selling puppies with her lies at this moment too.
All written above are all true and you can see/compare most of puppies Betty's yorkies sold are from our website.

Jan 28, 2015

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  • Ma
      Feb 21, 2015

    Betty's Yorkies and Lieta are both horrible people. Why would you purposely breed inbred, deformed, tiny dogs? That is not the way Maltese or Yorkies are suppose to look with smudged in faces and too small to do anything! You are awful, awful people! Those breeds are already small, why make them smaller only to grow up with health problems? I have a chihuahua who I inherited after my aunt passed away and this chihuahua was bred to be that way. She is only 3 pounds, and at 2 years old her teeth are falling out, her hips are turned inward making it hard to walk long distances, and the list goes on. She was from a "reputable tiny chihuahua" breeder. I hate that this is happening to dogs. Dogs originated from the wolf; big, strong, agile, graceful, can fend for itself. Now people of breeders like you- they are small, fragile, weak, and ugly. You advertise your dogs as "doll face", "tiny", "teacup", and ignorant people jump all over it and then it becomes a trend to have these ugly small dogs that have to be hand fed and carried all the time. A dog is not an accessory, so why change them? A dog is suppose to be a family member. Would you purposely breed people with dwarfism because you wanted a dwarf child? No. So why are you doing that to dogs when so many people see then as a family member? It's not of nature for a dog to be that small. Change your ways! If you want to breed dogs, breed normal sized Yorkies and Malteses! I've owned a show dog, AKC certified Maltese. They are absolutely beautiful! Why would you take a beautiful dog like the Maltese and change it? It should be animal cruelty what breeders are doing to dogs, but the world is such a terrible place it goes unnoticed. The change starts with the breeder himself/herself. If you truly cared about the puppies you are sending out and the dogs you are forcing to mate, then you would start making normal dogs again. This is not the way God intended for us to take care of animals. Get out of the tiny dog business before we lose all the things that were originally great about a dog; it's companionship, not it's dependence on us. It's courage and ability to protect us, not us carrying it and hand feeding it because it's fragile. It's untouched grace, not it's manufactured mainstream cute factor. Dogs are majestic. Knowing that God made these animals to stand next to us in life, is truly amazing! You are playing god and creating dogs that can no longer stand next to us, but have to be carried through life (literally and metaphorically). Please fix this ever growing issue. I don't want the mighty Great Dane to one day end up as a micro Dane, or any other dog for that matter. The change starts with you.

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  • Lu
      May 08, 2016

    There are a lot of complaints about Betty's behavior.

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  • Ch
      Jun 08, 2017

    @Lucy Saw yes, she is rude and money hungry. she does not care about anything but money. she runs a horrible business and no one should ever give her any more money. she'll just take your money and run! listen to all the complaints, they are all true. i know i should have done more research before i got into this mess with her.

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  • Ch
      Jul 07, 2017

    @charlesx3 Joanne and I have reached a mutual resolution regarding our issues.

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  • Kk
      May 09, 2017

    I think Betty is not at fault here
    There should be two sides to a story
    my personal opinion is that Lieta is looking for attention since
    BETTYS Yorkies is constantly in the spot light.

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  • Ch
      Jun 08, 2017

    @KKarl you must be working for joanne pedram, sarah abitol, reza pedram, or are friends with them. you must have not done business with her. she sends the wrong puppy or never sends them at all. she lies about having puppies who are ready to fly. DONT BELIEVE HER SCAMS! all these people have been reported to the police, the FTC,, and also the canada fraud department. please do research and don't even consider doing a deal with her.

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  • Ch
      Jul 05, 2017

    @charlesx3 I have come to a mutual resolution with Joanne regarding this issue

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  • Mi
      Aug 18, 2017

    @charlesx3 I agree with you! I have dealt with these people and got a puppy from them. They gave me the run around for weeks After I paid them. When I threatened to call the police and contact a local newspaper, they finally sent me the dog. Only it wasn't the dog they advertised. I asked for updated pics and they always had an excuse not to send one...They are liers

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  • Ch
      Jun 08, 2017

    Betty scammed me. she is a fraudulent seller. please do not send her any money. she only cares about money!!! once she gets your money, she won't bother replying to you.

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  • Ka
      Jun 26, 2017

    I actually have purchased and the same puppy came to me within a 2 week period. Dont believe everything you read its shameful how people will write anything about anyone.

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  • Co
      Jul 05, 2017

    Stfu and stop complaining lol dumb hoe

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