Bethpage Federal Credit Union / manager heather anderson a/k/a heather besser anderson caught using personal information and discriminatory against the elderly and handicapped

1 Farmingdale, NY, United States
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Heather Besser Anderson a/k/a Heather Anderson is the manager of Bethpage Federal Credit Union in Farmingdale on Route 109. She regularly inspects customer's accounts and puts holds on them when there has not been a check deposit. She discriminates against the handicapped and the elderly, and allows her employees to park in disabled parking, and if any customer dare complain, she comes out, screams, defames, embarasses and disparages the person. She is unhinged. She is hiring people that do not know what they are doing, and harass customers. Many former employees have left.
Heather Besser Anderson a/k/a Heather Anderson pays "NSF checks" and "NSF debits" for her friends, and puts holds and notes in the accounts of her least favorite customers. She tells customers "I will keep your money!"
Lynda Nicolino and Tara Stolz Labriola of the Bethpage branch of Bethpage Federal Credit Union cover up for Heather Besser Anderson by making false complaints AND defending many lawsuits that have been commenced because of Heather Besser Anderson's bizarre conduct. The Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce also covers up for Heather Besser Anderson's aberrant and irrational acts.

Oct 23, 2018

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