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Bethany LLC / Worthless and their people they hire!!

1 United States

Guess what all' Look at the complaints about the Bethany group. They suck and so does the management!! All of the residents found out 2/27/2009 by the so called property manager yw she isn't coming back because she just found out that bethany is in floreclosure. No one was on the property for two weeks. Also we pay basic cable in the rent, which was a great thing when greystar managed the property. The cable has been cut off 3 times, we know because some of us that pay extra for extended cable called and the cable company said that they haven't paid their bill. Last month the gas was cut off. I called the office and the girl that answered the phone said the manager yw. was on the phone with the gas company!! I called back to let them know that not only me but people in different buildings didn't have hot water. The girl that answered the phonw after the manage left said that she went to pay the gas bill!! I got home from work to ask what the proplem was and the manager before she could form her mouth to lie answered the phone and told another resident that the property had a gas leak and the gas company had to fix it! And get this, the gas company was on their way to turn it back on. Since then I don't trust her them or the new people (who ever they are). Since bethany has had the property 3 managers worked here one of which was thief, this lastest one not customer friendly and is now working for the new management( the one that said she wasn't coming back)!! None of the residents were informed except by word of mouth door to door. People were moving out left and right! Now that it's a new management group, those fools still want rent for march and are sending the people that have moved before their lease is up to a collections agency. Ain't that a blast!!! Bethany doesn't seemed to hire quality people!!! They want their rent on time but get them to come and fix something in your apartment. Hopefully you know your way around a screwdriver and hammer!! Personally this new management should just let these people start new on the 1st of April. WOW!! Do you believe she had the nerve to say we ain't charging any late fees!!! Forget you lady and the people you worked for and the people you now work for I'm outta here!! Trust is not something get get back over night especially when you outright lie!!!

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