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Bethany Group Apartment Management / Apartment Deposit Has Not Refunded 4 Months Past

1 Middle River, MD, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 4103353902

No response from Seneca Bay Apartment management upon repeatedly inquiring about refund of the 300$ security deposit. I was told I was not the only one on this boat, which means there are several other renters of Seneca Bay apartment suffering.
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  • Co
      6th of Mar, 2009
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    My husband hasn't been paid in five weeks. He was told on Wednesday that the company was no longer in business We could see this coming as they were being sued by vendors for payment of services. I really feel for the tenants, who in good faith, paid their rent. Get out now!!! My husbands property, here in Florida was purchased by another group, the same can not be said for another property which is in foreclosure/receivership.

  • Js
      6th of Mar, 2009
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    Greg Garmon's cell phone is 714-343-6145 - give him a call!

  • Js
      6th of Mar, 2009
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    Tempers flare as Phoenix apartment renters beg for answers

    Reported by: Brian Webb
    Last Update: 2:47 pm

    Restless residents rushed the leasing office of the Granite Bay apartments Friday morning looking for answers, but finding few.

    "Where has the rent money been going, " asked resident Todd Schmitt. "I hope the city realized there are 400 families here."

    Earlier this week, hundreds of people living there came home to a shocking notice.

    On each door handle, a flyer from the Water Department explained that their water would be cut off in five days.

    It explained the property hasn't paid the bill, and the water will be shut off.

    Trouble started brewing at the complex months ago.

    Granite Bay is one of 13 Valley complexes owned by The Bethany Group, now on the brink of bankruptcy.

    Things began happening like late paychecks, repairs unresolved and trash piling sky high.

    But most residents didn't know how bad the trouble was until the city notice about a $64, 000 late water bill.

    "Upper management told us 'you're on your own, '" said Ben Graham who is part of a small management team.

    He said he feels all but abandoned by the owners, but is still showing up to work, even with no paycheck for the past five weeks.

    He said he is now reduced to begging for help from anyone.

    "Help us, help us, " Graham said. "Even though we are doing what we can do, we don't know the legalities of what we can't do."

    "I thought there was a law that says you can't turn off water of residences with babies" said Anthoney DeGregoris, father of two. "My wife and I and the kids went looking for a place yesterday."

    Once residents got inside the management office, tempers started to flare when they didn't hear what they were hoping for.

    At the same time, apartment-finder personnel swarmed the crowd handing out fliers, hoping to lure tenants into new leases at other apartments.

    "They'll give us March rent back if we're going to leave" said DeGregoris. "We've got two small kids. We can't live without water."

  • Na
      10th of Mar, 2009
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    I moved out of The Valencia Park Apts in Phoenix AZ end of my lease in Jan 2009.
    I have repeatedly emailed Bethany Group for my deposit money, with no response.
    Any one know if a class action suit or something is being filed against Bethany Group or the bank holding our money?
    Email is any information is learned.

    Thank you

  • Br
      10th of Mar, 2009
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    I had originally inquired about ending my lease early due to a serious roach infestation.. they came to spray my apartment twice, and the second spray seemed to considerably lessen the problem but it hasnt eliminated it completely... i regularly see roaches in my kitchen and bathroom, and occasionaly in some of the bedrooms or living room area.. I had noticed the issues with the trash because there always seemed to be too much piling up, however I attributed it to the property being large. I have only lived in two apartment complexes, and I hate to say that my last apt. complexe's trash area wasnt the greatest either.. I am currently trying to get out of this place, and today I was told by a member of the leasing office that there is no way to get out of the lease other than what is stipulated in the agreement, which means I have to pay two months rent at a rate 100 dollars more than Im paying now, and one last month at that same rate... I think thats ridiculous considering the issues these people are having right now... You would think they would want to avoid a freakin lawsuit, and just let people go in peace, ya know? So yeah, I really dont want to be here anymore, and to make matters worse, i think I found a much better place to live that wont be available for long, and I might end up having to loose out on it, in the midst of getting all this mess straightened out... if anyone has any suggestions for me, they would be greatly appreciated.. I ALSO am curious if its true as someone above posted, that I can give a sixty day notice and move out without having any problems later on due to the company possibly going bankrupt.. Not sure if I understood correctly... anyone with any advice for me, please email me at thanks :)

  • Wf
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    I live in Winston-Salem, NC at the Hunt Club Apartments also owned by the Bethany Management Group. We have had the local news stations and newspapers in our complex all this week. The group has allowed our communal utilities to go unpaid-- water, sewage, and garbage. So much so that they will be shut off at the end of next week if something doesn't change.
    Residents contacted the NC Attorney General's office so that they could put junctions in place with the utility companies so that we could continue to recieve these services.
    The complex employees have not been paid in what will be six weeks by this Friday, but they still continue to come into work so that the residents have someone to refer to. They also have not had any health insurance since February. They were not made aware of either of these things until they contacted the management group that hired them, where they discovered their positions had been terminated without notice.
    This was a great place to live until the Bethany Group ruined it. Their recklessness and lack of concern for the lives of others is shameful. For more on the news stories, look up "Hunt Club Winston-Salem, NC." You will see articles from the W-S Journal and Fox News Channel 8.

  • Sh
      19th of Mar, 2009
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    We have been fighting for our $500 deposit since June 2008. Excuse after excuse. We cut the check but it went to the wrong address, etc etc. Now we find out they are in bankruptcy. We are trying to get things ready to go to small claims court. If anyone hears anything about a class action or anything let everyone know. Oh and we are in Florida and the manager of the complex now says their internet is off and their phones just got turned back on today. And they hadn't been paid in over a month as well. (A new company took over now)

  • Ja
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    I wish I would have seen all these postings a couple months back. I currently live at the Park at Country Place in Houston TX. I noticed that the grass had not been cut and little maintenance problems here and there, but didnt know that The Bethany Group had gone bankrupt. I called the new management a few days ago, when writing my 30 days notice (as my lease is up) and wanted to verfiy when I get my deposit back, the manager notified me that I will not be getting back my deposit back because the Bethany Group went bankrupt and didnt transfer over the deposits.

    1. Whats the point of cleaning if Im not getting my deposit back?
    2. Can I sue the Bethany group? Or take them to small claims court?

    If anyone has the answers to these questions please email me at

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