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Went to pay for a puppy by money gram to cameroon of £150 after that was confirmed they emailed me asking for a further £640 for pet cargo delivery agency's insurance. which i said i could not get hold of. Next a fone call saying the seller had been down to pay £340 of that and iwas to pay the rest of the amount £200 thats when i realised i had been scamed the seller was using the name of PAUL STUART.


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      Jul 20, 2009

    I have a male king charles puppy and was looking for a female for company for him. I found this site with a cute little female king charles pup.
    As the emails went on i got told to pay £90 to this company for the puppy. Alltogether i payed out £104.
    They ripped me off. They gave me a sad stroy about a kid dieing and it was her puupy.
    The sicko's.
    When i phoned them and said i payed and hadnt got the puppy yet, they said that was because they needed more money.
    They then started to laugh at me on the phone when i asked them for my mone back.
    I hope no one else falls into their trap.

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      Jul 21, 2009

    just had one askin for money up front saying his daughter had died from a hit and run and he cant bear to look at the puppy's as they reminded him of his dead daughter. the adverts on I-CLADS are all scams and its all the same story they want money paying up front to pet cargo white delivery service. no way would i ever pay up front till i had the puppy at the doorstep.its all a big SCAM

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      Jul 25, 2009

    We paid $200.00 to Cargo Wide Delivery Agency for them to deliver a puppy and after them telling us that everything was ok and ready for delivery we get an email saying that the puppy was being held in BOISE - IDAHO and that we needed to pay $420.00 more for ins. and to get the puppy here to us. Then when we asked them to give us back our $200.00 they said that the delivery had been made. How??? if we never got the puppy. We dont even know if the puppy is ok or if there ever was a puppy in the first place. Cargo Wide Delivery is a rip off a BIG SCAM!!!

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      Sep 11, 2009

    i was on craigslist and i was browsing through i found a add for free bulldog puppy but the where in texas this guy gave me the sadest story ever about his wife dieing it was horrible. and they about how he got in a wreck and so on that lift him unable to care for the puppies ( english bulldog puppies) and they if i want he could ship the female to me sent me pictures and everything. and want my infomation i was hestied on give the information he want and final said that i would pick the pupy up at the airport it was going to cost me 90$ i thought that was not bad so he said he took the dog up there they emailed me and wanted me to money gram them 90$ to Douala cameroon. are they crazy not me send my money of sea for and dog that is suppose to be in texas yeah right. know the own is writing me saying the dog will dead there if i don't pay the money i feel really bad if there is a puppy there but i have email hima nd told him to go pick her up they don't care about the puppy or anything but get the money. i'm not wasting my husband well earned money to some scam that does not but pick peolpe that are really good heart and bleed thew dry not me.

    and here is a picture that he sent of the puppy

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  • B
      Mar 31, 2010

    Well I was looking online for a puppy for my son and came across an ad for a Yorkshire puppy for free. I was like no way this can not be true. So I was contacted by a Kerlly Suzer. She seemed very nice and responding very promptly to my emails. I kept asking her if this was true cause my family kept telling me not to go through with it. But I believed her...I even gave her my phone number so she could contact me because i was tired of dealing with emails. She then told me that she registered the puppy and the agency wold contact me asap so they could collect payment. They sure did. I was asked to go to Western Union and wire $120 to them so that they could fly the puppy to me. I was asked to wire to a Rick in Cameroon, Limbe??? I had never heard of the place. When I got to work and mentioned it to a co-worker she instructed me to do a review on the agency and thanks to all of ya putting the posts I was not scammed. I then emailed them both back to tell them that I was not gonna get the puppy they stated with that I was gonna get sued! I told them to go ahead because I had already gone to my attorney and he was more than happy to take the case. I have never gotten another email again!

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  • C
      Apr 02, 2010

    omg thank you guys for your posts cause if it wasn't for you guys i would of been scamed

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  • J
      Jun 01, 2010

    I was looking for a great dane puppy because my sister in law was getting one and paying $500 for one and I was trying to save her money so I found this website called or something like that and this guy said his wife got transfered to another hospital and he can no longer take care of the puppies first he said he lived in bellevue WA, then he said Texas and he wanted $250 for one of the puppies but that's the delivery fee for the company. I thought it was a bit weird that they wanted me to wire transfer the money from western union to their location "Duala, Cameroon" it is a doorstep delivery. After reading up on it I've seen a lot of posts about a cameroon scam and doorstep deliveries and wanting to pay before the puppy gets to our doorstep. They called a few times and the guy was honestly sounding like the one that was e-mailing me that claimed he owned the dogs and He didn't speak clearly and wouldn't stop talking, also he said he was going to send me an e-mail confirmation about the flight and payment process...well that showed up on my email in the "junk" section. It's annoying how people can feel good about scamming others and saying sad stories to try to get money, I'm ticked off but good thing I didn't pay them anything and I hope this helps anyone else in the future since all these posts just helped me. View the attached pictures and see the dogs incase you get the same scam.

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      Oct 04, 2010

    My daughter was buying me a Chihuahua puppy for my birthday and was looking around online, when we come across one on the site named Oodle when, we seen one for free, we didn't believe it but went along with it. My daughter sent the man a email saying we're interested in the puppy. We recieved a very long convincing message from a man called Jonas Taylor!!!
    We was led to believe the puppy was coming from Leicester but then in the email he said its coming from Ireland due to them recently being transfered there for a new job, although i didnt wanna pay this money my daughter insisted as she didnt think we could of got a cheaper Chihuahua anywhere else.
    He said that he was sending the puppy but we would need to pay ONLY £180 for delivery, we went out and brought all new stuff for the puppy.
    We then recieved a phone call from the 'delivery agency' saying the puppy needs travel insurance at £1900 what we couldn't afford due to my daughter paying the $180 for the dog to come over from Ireland.
    We recieved a number of emails from the 'seller' saying that he could pay £499 if we provided the rest of the money, we realised something was wrong, we then recieved another phone call from the 'delivery agency' saying that the £1900 was a misprint and we only had to pay £199, at the same time we recieved a email from the 'seller' saying good news the price to insure the puppy was only £199 but then we sent a message catching him out, they both was saying the same thing just in different but similar words.
    Another thing is that the puppy was meant to be coming from ireland but we had to send the money to Cameroon what wasn't right but didn't click on till we recieved the email about the insurance.
    The 'delivering agency' then rang again saying the puppy is our responsibilty and will get charged £2000 a month for 6 months for neglecting the puppy.
    They rang again saying more rubbish, and i threatened them and said i'm ringing my solicitor and the police (what i've done) the non English man then hung up. He wouldn't let me get a word in.
    He later rang back saying if we didn't provide the money then don't ring him again, even though he rang us.
    As glad we are that we didn't pay anymore then the £180 we are still heartbroken we didnt recieve the puppy and can't believe someone would do this to anyone
    We hope no one else falls into this trap and hope even more the crooks behind this get caught and get whats coming to them!!!

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  • M
      Feb 16, 2011

    OMG. I was also looking for a Yorkie Puppy and was ask to send $230.00 to Cameron...I almost went through it until I decided to look up the Pet Cargo Delivery and I ran into all these postings. Thank you guys

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      Dec 06, 2011

    I saw an ad for yorkie puppies, I emailed a person achcct [protected] She seemed very pleasant and said she had a scholarship to goo Australia and she now lived in Minneapolis, Mn., mind you I got the information in a Pittsburgh, Pa local news website and here she is in MN.To take the puppies with her would cost her alot of money to put them in quarantine.She was giving them away to a good home and all I had to pay was for them to be sent to me which was 240.00 for both puppies. When the agency emailed me it just seemed fishy because there was no way to contact them.. I started checking the web for this agency and no luck. I got an email to call a phone number [protected]) I checked out this phone number on the web and it belonged to a Kenneth Berry in Littleton, Colorado, then I started getting calls from Stockton, CA which supposedly was the agency, . I called Stockton and Colorado, It sounded like the same person (foreigh) and I told them I believe this was a scam and they said they were a reliable agency and I asked why they were not listed on the web and they said it was down and they were working on it. I said that I have talked to almost everyone all over the United States and I was not comfortable giving them my money. The money was to be wired and sent to a Rita Anang, Cashier at Avenue North, Minneapolis MN and they were with Fast Pets Verified Agent.. I received an email again from Angella Naah saying not to be skeptic and she would lower the transport fee to 200.00. I received many emails from her and even pictures of the puppies and I am still being bothered from Stockton, Ca. I will be telling them to keep the puppies and not to bother me again.

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      Jun 07, 2012

    I got scammed out of 600 the lady told me she was in anchorage alaska, doing gods work she sent me pictures and ownership papers to sign but no puppies then the supposed cargo agency calls me asking for 623 more for a eletronic carrier thats when i wised up

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      Feb 21, 2013

    Even after knowing about the online scamming of pets I still took a chance that some people still might need homes for their pets. I was looking in ads for Denver, CO and came across this adorable teacup Yorkie. The lady by the name of Catherine Mornam was selling him because her new apartment wasn't allowing pets. I started to talk with her and she seemed very genuine and concerned for the well being of this puppy so she was very believable. I was asked to pay $160 for the shipping of the puppy from Montana to Denver. This was confusing since the add was posted in the Denver area. While I should have stopped there I was further convinced somehow and ended up paying $180 through western union to Little Rock, AR or Cameroon. I paid an after a day the lady gets ahold of me at 5:30 AM that the transport company needs another $600 for a temperate regulated crate because of our "winter conditions" here in Colorado. That's when a light switch flipped on in my head. Even though I had the money I told her I didn't and she offered to pay half and that I would get the other half refunded to me when the dog was delivered. I flat out told her NO and that I was not paying it and they stopped contacting me. Luckily I only lost $200 rather than $800 but I'm sad and still searching for a puppy to this day. Other helpful hits for people: all the emails and text messages I recieved from these people were all grammatically incorrect and the emails from the transportation company went straight into my spam folder. DO NOT purchase pets online.

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  • A
      Dec 18, 2013

    Got scammed too this past Saturday!! Got a puppy on line from NJ Trenton and never received it!!! Pay them 150 have prove!!! This people are a fraud please don't ever purchase a pet on line! The money goes to Cameroon Africa!!! After I sent the money I never heard from the seller or this company! Cargo ways for pets is not real!!!

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  • J
      Oct 15, 2014

    I received the same sad story, of wife dying, puppies reminded them of her. Had to go. They asked questions like do you have kids, have you ever had a dog before, what breed are looking for. After I answered all there questions, they felt that I was a good home for the exact dog I have been dying to get. A red and white female Boston Terrier with green eyes. They were going to go to the delivery people in the morning to set it up. I got the first phone call asking me to place money on a green dot pre pac card. They needed the number on the back to confirm her flight. They told me there was only 90 minutes left to get her on board and to my home on the same day. Seemed reasonable enough, because they said to hold on to the card, because it would be payment for the pup. Then they sent another email due to unforeseen circumstances they had to have her vet checked and that she needed a crate. To the tune of $2050.00. $1700.00 for the crate, (which looked like a Walmart model, ) they said it was well ventilated. The vaccines were $100.00 a piece and $50.00 for a micro chip vaccine? I told him I was told $500.00 was the price I was supposed to pay. He said the money would be refunded, after I gave their crate back. I still said I wasn't going to pay any more money and that I smelled a scam. They are evil. Now I'm out $500.00, a costly lesson. Wished I would have seen this first. Buyer beware. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is 😥

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      Jan 22, 2015

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      Feb 07, 2015
    They are going by the names of Daisy Camby and Brenda. Will say their family is moving thats why they are selling the puppies. They will send you a fake certificate and also a fake receipt of how much you spent on the puppie(s). The post was from Troy Michigan. But they are saying they are from Kentucky. They wanted 279 to have a puppy transferred. The next day wanted more money to have the puppy updated on the vaccines. Told them that nothing was making sense, so they will text my phone saying that they have a lawyer. Then later on that day told them I didnt have the money. They got mad of course but told me they got money from their granny to pay for what I couldnt pay. Just thought I would tell people about this one before someone else gets scammed from them. Attatched a couple of the photos they used.

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  • H
      Jul 27, 2015

    Everyone in this thread are from Cameroon and they are all scam.

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  •   Jul 27, 2015

    That site is run by notorious liar J0hn Kenney and will direct you to use his 'services'. Do not believe anything you read there

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  • W
      Jul 28, 2015

    What site madman lgor, you have no shame. lgor you are a scam and we all know you are bunty Frobisher.

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  •   Jul 29, 2015

    Your site, J0hn. I was probably replying to one of the millions of posts that you have had deleted

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  • S
      Aug 10, 2015

    That site doesn't Belong to J0hn and You Bunty Frobisher is a Cameroonian scammer. nobody will ever believe Your false accusations about J0hn.

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      Aug 15, 2017

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