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best pure cleanse / SCAM/FRAUD

IN, United States Review updated:
Ordered a free trial back in October and never received it. Was charged for 79.84 on December 5th for a product I did not want and never received. The customer service number is not working. Will have to change bank accounts to stop them from taking money. Can't anyone stop these thieves?

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  12th of Jan, 2009
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Signed up for free trial - they have taken $78.84 out of my account twice and have hung up on me six times. Cannot get a response at their so called corporate office. What a scam.
  29th of May, 2009
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signed for free trial. charged. 59.95. bank unable to help as there is no valid phone number.
  30th of Nov, 2009
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I order the free trial at which time I was charged 50 something dolalrs american. After recieving this product I decided to return it. They gave me an address but I lost it. They also told me that I would recieve an email with the return instruction which I never got. I called them again once I was charged $88 american at which time I called them again and recieved my money back and once again asked them to send me the return address and info again. They have just recently charged me from a different company (elitepack) for another $20 american. Once I called them they told me that the money was non-refundable, and that the terms and conditions should ahve been sent to me through an email, which is wasnt, and that I wouldn't be recieving a refund. I called Vibribeauty and they told me that the $50 would not be refunded as it was past the 30 day trial period.
  1st of Feb, 2010
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I have been having the same problem with them!! I have just received another bottle and do not want it!! They keep taking money!! How can I stop this from happening??
  1st of Jul, 2010
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I also got caught, I ordered a free 14 day trail form Pure Cleanser, received a confirmation by e-mail stating that I was agreeing to their terms & conditions by orering the free trail. Upon reading their T&C's they claimed that i was agreeing for them to send me monthly subscriptions of approx $85 I immediatley sent a return e-mail cancelling the order stating that I did not agree to their T&C's and to not bother sending me the free trial or any further products. I received an e-mail two days later claiming they had no record of my order, on the same day my account was debited for the postage of the free trial $3.97 (the free trial has never been received) I have since sent them another two e-mails and they still claim they have no record of my order, eight days later they then debited my account with a further $85 I have sent three more e-mails asking why they have debited me when they claim they have no details of me on their system, and still no products have been sent to me. I have requested a refund on every e-mail. They are now ignoring my e-mails so I have contacted my bank to stop any further payments and to retreive my money.
  14th of Aug, 2010
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also fell victim to this scam. ordered a free trial and was bombarded with acai berry and pure cleanse wich i did not want. my sent them a notice to stop takin money but my bank said it takes 30 days in wich time they took even more money. if u notice this problem happening to you i would advise you to close ur bank account and open a new one. as phoning all the companies you have direct debits with to change account details will never be more money than what they will take out your account. there is nothin you can do about this as i found it was a subscription service that was buried deep whithin all the terms and conditions (what ninety percent of us dont actually read). i hope this helps.
  2nd of Dec, 2010
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I have had all the same issues as everyone else ie: We cancelled (via e-mail because we couldn't get thru by phone) the same day we ordered after, seeing the small print regarding the $85 subscription charge that was debited on the first day too. We finally found a phone number that worked, and we were told they had No record of our e-mail cancellation's *we sent two*. The supervisor Jayson ID#4893 told us the debited funds were non-refundable due to their T&C's even though Pure Cleanse sent us 2 e-mails stating they received the product we refused back! They sent them using e-mail address (no-reply@supportservicesofutah.com) to insure we couldn't reply back!!! They also debited $8.95 which they refused to refund for an On-line service called "Health Tracker". The only way to stop the debiting is to change your debit card number or close your account. PLEASE REPORT THIS COMPANY TO THE BBB. THEY ARE A SCAM! The company address is: Pure Cleanse 32 W. Loockerman St. #201, Dover Delaware 19904
  25th of Apr, 2011
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I know everyone has been trying to get ahold of these people, well good news i have an address and a phone number for you guys to use. PureCleanse360 Customer Care
Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 7:00pm EST

Sat: 10:00am - 5:00pm EST

Phone: 1-800-351-0980

  15th of Jun, 2011
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Can someone give me a phone number that works?
  8th of May, 2013
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I ordered two free samples of pura cleanse and mizulean. I received the samples but a fortnight later both company's took 69 pounds each from my account I never received anything back for this money beware they are con merchants .

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