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Best Price Moving And Storage / Lost boxes/damaged items

1 3912 W McLean Unit BChicago, IL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 888-993-BEST

Best Price Moving was brokered by Nationwide Relocation Services to move my items from MI to IL. They are unethical and lie. They lost several boxes (how do you lose boxes in 2 days when supposedly mine was the only load on the truck? The lied about using boxes for packing that they didn't and damaged items and all this is "not their fault because a friend of mine signed the paperwork they threw in front of him not knowing what he was signing and they didn't speak English so they didn't explain to him what it was for). They took advantage of knowing I wasn't there to watch them.

Then, they lied about weighing my items as they are legally supposed to do and overcharged me for the weight. I knew what it was since I'd moved recently before and they only refunded that money when I demanded they weigh my items with me present. It 800 pounds less.

Never use them and learn from what I unfortunately had to learn.

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  • An
      5th of Jun, 2008
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    What was the price quote and weight Nationwide gave you, and what was the Weight and Price Best Price gave you. If possible can you post the Price Quote and Bill of Lading that was given to you and we can help you figure how to get your money back to you so people don't think your a fake person posting slander about this company. We are trying to keep this review site reputable.

  • Xl
      5th of Jun, 2009
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    Yes this response is all true and my issue is the same and on going with Best price Moving and storage. They have my things hostage since March and will not take my calls and want more and more money. I have all the details if needed:

    I am currently in the process of trying to move from Michigan to Oregon (by the way we will still be listening to you guys!)...Anyways, my husband and I hired a moving Company: Best Price Moving and Storage. They are currently holding our things hostage and they have had our things since March. They quoted about $2100.00 over the phone. When the guys came to move our things they adjusted this quote to about $2300.00. I understand these are estimates from "professionals" so I figure add another 10% just in case. They have since lost our payments even after proof of cashing was sent to them. They have hung up on us 21 (seriously!) times. Their driver was supposed to make a delivery 5/20/09 and the driver said we need to pay our entire balance again because a lost payment is not their problem and if he gets there and we do not pay we will also be charged lodging and food for him and his crew until we pay. Needless to say we did not pay and therefore all our stuff was moved off their truck and back into storage for additional fees. I have asked to have this delivery rescheduled. They said we need to pay them another $1200.00 more then the 2300.00 we have already paid them or they will not deliver our things. They now are saying our weight was that much off their estimate. They will not answer our calls. They will not let us re-weigh when they get to Oregon. They will not let us know what storage unit our stuff is in so that we can have a police officer go over there and verify our things are even in storage and in good condition. At this point we have said we will do what ever we have to in order to get them to deliver our things. They are saying they will not let us look at our things or re-weigh or unload until we pay. OK so we will have to I guess. We can not do anything. I am reading so many reviews of people that have gone through this with this co. It is like dealing with High School kids that have everything that you own so what recourse do you have other then to give them what they want to HOPE you get your things!

  • Cm
      3rd of Feb, 2010
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    I'm going through the EXACT same thing with North America Transfer out of Simi Valley, CA. They more than doubled our moving bill AFTER they collected our things. Now, my wife and I are stuck trying to figure out what to do, as we have some really important items that are in their possession. We were quoted $1275 and now they want $4500. Called FCMSA and AMSA who are both trying to help, but we're seriously consider telling them to keep our [censored] and not fork over another dime on sheer principle alone. Who knows, they may never show up anyway.

    If anyone has any experience with how to avoid being screwed, please let me know!

  • Xl
      24th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I ended up buying a membership called prepaid legal. They have helped me even though I am STILL dealing with Best Price who are just horrible. Something to keep in mind too the longer they have your things the worse condition they will be in. By the time I got my things I was shaking it was in such bad condition. I wish I had called the cops while they were there and forced them to unload my things before I paid them anymore. The driver was very hostile and everything was busted and sideways and falling all over and missing. I do not mean to make you nervous but just something to think about. I wish I told them to fly a kite and keep my things with the way that they delivered them. It was awful. Anyways Prepaid Legal is a good why to avoid being taken advantage of by companies like these. Let me know if you would like my reps info. Good Luck

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