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Best Chemical Lawn Care / Fraud and lies

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Like the other reports you might read about Best Chemical Lawncare in Spring Texas, I have had similar experiences. It started with my wife getting the usual telemarketing phone call selling their services with a special if we acted today. My wife asked the caller to call back when I was home. I took the call later that evening and they told me about all of the wonderful specials they had going on. I told the caller that it sounded good but I had my qualms about paying for the whole job at once.

At first she said this was the only way they operated because some people don't live up to their agreements and won't pay. When I suggested that we would pay before every treatment she still wouldn't go along. Something in my gut told me that I should just thank her for calling and hang up, but I didn't listen to what my gut was telling me. She then suggested 3 postdated checks dated one month apart. I agreed and said I would tape the checks to the back door in case I wasn't home.

Well I happened to be home when their so called technician showed up in an unmarked truck and began to spray who knows what on my yard. When I received my bank statement today all the checks had been deposited confirming that these people are Rip Off artists. I also got a call a few days after they performed the first treatment saying they had sone an analysis on my yard showing a huge termite infestation which, of course, would require additional dollars for treatment.

I feel like such a shnook. I know better than to do things like this. I even had a second chance to stop it when the unmarked truck looked suspicious along with the invoice with no letter head. All the signs were there but for some reason I went against my better judgment and got scammed.

I am also going to check with the BBB in Houston to see just how many complaints show up. I know there will be many, but maybe we can stop these people somehow. Like Ron White says, 'You can't fix stupid.' Don't be stupid never pay in advance and never give postdated checks to people you don't know.

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  • Xt
      10th of Sep, 2009
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    Winston - I'm a bigger shnook than you... I received the same scamming call ... They were supposed to treat my lawn last Monday (Labor Day) and since I was going to be home I did not leave the check (in the full amount of $240+ by the way) under the front door mat. I had done some checking on line and found a few complaints and the BBB "F" rating so I decided to talk with the tech when he arrived and decline the service but he never showed up.

    I received a call from the 'dispatcher' that night saying the tech was unable to make it because he ran out of time and that he would be there on Tuesday. At that time I told the 'dispatcher' that I had decided I did not want the service because of the complaints, etc. and he convinced me that they were in fact a legitimate company with 30 plus years experience and their product would truly make a difference. I opted to pay for one treatment and see the results myself. Yes, I am an idiot!!!

    Well, guess what, I too received a call last nite at 8:30 PM from the 'lab analyst' (who I strongly suspect is also the dispatcher and technician) saying they had taken more samples and had the results back. It truly is a miracle treatment as the fungi is absolutely gone after only one day and after two days of drenching rains after the application of the product!!! Unfortunately they did find termites in all four quadrants tested. At this point I said send me the written report ...

    I doubt that you can pick up on the sarcasm of this message but let it suffice that I am infuriated at them as well as myself - I had almost spit the bait out but I let them reel me in anyway. They probably showed up on Monday, didn't find the check and then went on to step two of their little program ... I am so angry I could just SPIT!!!

    We cannot do enough to warn people of this despicable company. Cheats and liars -

  • Ga
      29th of Jan, 2010
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  • Do
      22nd of Feb, 2010
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    I received a call today with the same characteristics as above, same sales pitch. I scheduled service. After reading these 3 reviews as well as the reviews on, I will cancel.

    I was going to call the BBB and will anyway, tomorrow, just out of curiosity.

    Thanks for the notice and saving me the $240.

  • Sc
      10th of Apr, 2010
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    I sure wish I had checked up on Best Chemical before we agreed to have them come out and treat our yard. Never has our yard been in worse shape. We were subject to the identical scenario as the previous complainants.

  • Su
      28th of Apr, 2010
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    I was a sucker too...and should have known better...they are now operating under the company name of NATURE GREEN...we too, had fungus, bad soil, and termites...Surprised? Don't do business with this company.

  • Sc
      13th of Oct, 2010
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    WARNING Woodlands, Tx residents! Nature Green is running this scam as of October 2010 in the Woodlands. Check them out carefully before paying!

  • Al
      4th of Dec, 2010
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    Thanks for your reports. I had the same call, soil analysis, and $250.00 invoice for 6 treatments. Very nice telemarketing and lab people with a friendly, trustworthy speel. The tech showed you and I sent him on his way, based on your reviews. Almost got scammed.

  • Wi
      28th of Mar, 2011
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    Dennis (?) the "Nature Green Lab Tech" tried here too, Willis, TX. After offer to test soil, I got 8:30 PM Sunday night call with offer to correct severe problems with yard, even a $50 senior citizen discount. Despite not being able to find evidence of anyone taking soil samples on my video security system. Decided too research company.
    Thanks for information!
    Willis Senior

  • Mr
      8th of Apr, 2015
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    Dennis Condon is still at it. Whether it's Best Chemical Lawn Care, Nature Green, or another name he may use in the future, it's the same M.O. When he called and offered the free soil analysis I jumped on it because there problems in the front yard that self applied treatments purchased at a local nursery had not corrected. When he called back the next day seemed helpful, gave me the analysis results along with a list of chemicals needed to correct the problem if I wanted to do it myself and a price for them to take care of the problem. He explained it would be a series of five treatments a month apart because the soil needed the time to absorb the chemicals and nutrients between applications. They would treat for fungus, insects, weeds, and apply nutrients to enrich the soil, and take soil samples before & after each treatment. Very convincing non-pushy sales pitch. After the first application he called to say the follow up soil sample showed the fungus was gone, but yard was full of termites which they needed to do at additional cost. After the 2nd treatment a month later was grubs eating the roots. The applicator tech was here twice and never saw anybody taking all the soil samples he was claiming. I had become suspiciousconfirmed the scam by calling after only a couple months saying the tech was on the way to treat for weeds, but my five applications had already been used and needed to leave a check for the tech for another 5 treatments. He also said everything on the last soil sample looked good without mention of the termites or grubs for which I had declined treatment. When asked about the month spacing on treatments he claimed it took extra treatments due to the severe fungus problem. Is that the same problem he said was cured after the first treatment? What happened to the month intervals to allow the soil to absorb? He can't even keep his lies straight. Something was sprayed on the yard twice. How his tech was able to make another three treatments without me noticing him or unlocking the gate for him is a mystery as is the invisible guy coming around before & after each treatment taking soil samples. After reading reviews of other chemical lawn care companies it appears none of them walk on water, but it has been proven to my satisfaction that Dennis Condon's companies are nothing more than a scam.

  • Na
      18 hrs 27 mins ago
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    He is back, this time as Great Southwest. Same offer of free testing, same package deal. Nearly got me but I put a stop payment on the check once I did due diligence. I have also sent a letter via FedEx containing BBB, an investigation by KHOU and wording telling him he is in violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act as my cameras show no soil testing and the tech stayed only five minutes to "treat" when I had dreaded gray fungus and carpenter ants. I said he can consider the techs visit my free soil analysis and that the "cancel at any time" starts now. He may take me to court but somehow I doubt it.

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