Best Buy / webroot - cancelled - still charged for webroot - geek squad best buy

Altamonte Springs, FL, United States

I sent an email on September 16, 2018, cancelling Webroot effective October 16, 2018. I got an email October 16, 2018 telling me Webroot had been renewed and they were charging my credit card. I responded and forwarded the email showing my cancellation. I expected a response telling me they would remove Webroot from my computer and issue a credit to my card. Geek Squad has yet to respond. As of today, I have sent 6 emails asking for the removal of Webroot and a credit. No one is responding, How difficult can it be to remove Webroot, issue a credit and admit they made a mistake. At this point, I feel they have committed fraud my making an unauthorized charge on my credit card. If they weren't guilty why haven't they responded? Very bad customer service. I think they are trying to force me to accept the charge and just accept they refuse to remove Webroot.

Oct 19, 2018

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