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Best Buy / refrigerator install

1 Parker, CO, United States
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Purchased a refrigerator. A week ago Best Buy refused to install - I needed a copper line rather than a plastic line. Called GeekSquad to asked about stainless steel line that I was forced to purchase with frig as it didn't make sense to me that they would force me to purchase a line and then require yet another line. Told that stainless steel line had to connect with copper line not plastic line. Also asked them a question about the shut off valve for the water line as the initial delivery crew said something about a shutoff valve right behind the frig. GeekSquad specifically told me the shut off valve in the basement would be fine although they prefer it being immediately behind the refrigerator. Had plumber come out today to put in a copper line. (Cost difference between copper line with new shut off valve and without is approximately $200) He told me they were crazy. Nothing wrong with a plastic line. Very small chance of developing leaks. No reason to put a shut off valve immediately behind the frig. $450 later rather than $650. They come back out to install refrigerator today. They ended up not being willing to install my refrigerator. They told me the plastic line would have been fine since I purchased stainless steel line. there was no reason to purchase a copper line. They claim cannot put in refrigerator due to leaking shutoff valve (3 hours after plumber validated that the new copper line was working as well as shutoff valve. There is still no evidence of leaking. I looked multiple times on the information for purchasing/installing a new refrigerator. None of this, especially the substantial increase in cost was mentioned in the information available on the BestBuy web site. In addition, even though they didn't get the refrigerator to my porch, they still somehow managed to damage my front porch as well as didn't bother to move my old refrigerator back into position.

May 18, 2018

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