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Best Buy Honolulu, Hawaii / computor repair

1 Honolulu, HI, United States

Geek squad... I should thank you for the free four hundred dollar mother board, but I can't get over the poor treatment from your "customer service representatives or the store managment?" or the lack of the technical ability displayed by your so called "geek squad professionals?"

I brought my computor into the best buy here in honolulu, (The alakawa location to be exact,) and began to explain the problem I was having to the "csr?" the young man (Who did not not make eye contact with me from the begining,) proceded to plug in the cpu and attach the key board, which was the problem I was having,
"don't touch the key the key board, the mouse will freeze, use the cursor to open the properties and scan the device drive files for the problem points," I said, it must have offended the young man because he smirked, and then started to tap away at key board, the cursor froze and the key board was unresponsive. "looks like the key board is bad," he said. I asked him if there was a possiblity that it was a software problem and he said "no" it looks like a problem with the connector. Well, he is the "professional?" he started to write up the service order, I asked he when I could expect the computor back, I had to ask him a few times because he kept turning his back on me and walking away so, when he shoved the permission for service paper in front of me to sign, I asked again,
So, will this take hours, days weeks, months?... Or do you have any idea when this may be finished.
"two weeks, at least two weeks," he said, I thought they must be very busy so I let it go at that.

Two weeks later I called to check on my system, of course this took an entire day since no one was ever at the geek squad desk to answer their phone and the other store csrs couldn't help me or so they said.

Finally I got the same young man who took my system on the phone. His name is tony, "oh yeah, he said dully,
" your system isn't back yet, "he said,"back?"I thought,"where did you send my cpu?"I asked,"chino california, "tony responded, I couldn't believe it, for some stupid reason, I thought the geek squad repaired the systems themselfs, here.
Four days later the system came back, another csr called and informed me that I could pick it up that every thing was tested and is now in perfect working order, it was the mother board that was giving me the problem so it was replaced, the cost would have been $388.62 plus shipping and handling. It's a good thing I always purchase the extended warranties I thought. I picked up the computor, took it home and plugged it up. Not only did I have the same problem as before, now the cpu was shuting off every three or four minutes. I went back to the geek squad in best buy with my cpu, and waited in line for the"csr?"so whats the problem the young man asked, I took a breath, and began to explain."now, please do not touch the key board!, "I said, he smiled that self gratifying smile, and asked,"how are we going to know if it's the key board or not if we don't try it?"he plugged in the key board and then tapped it once and what do you know, it froze. For some reason, he stared a the key board in complete surprize.

I leaned over the counter to look at the board,"now what are you going to do?"I asked the over confidant csr? He gave me a half smiled and shook his head,"I guess i'll have to send it to the techs in chino"he said,

"wait before you do that, will please check this out?"I reached over the counter, reset the cpu unplugged the key borad and activated the on screen key board, accessed the device driver, open the files and pointed out the problem files,"do you know what thoses explanation marks mean?"I asked, he looked at me as if I asked to borrow his under ware,"before you send my system back to chino, could you have your techs here, you do have a qualified tech here don't you?"again he just smiled at me,"check the software please, I think it might be a stupid hp up grade that rendered my key board useless, when I bought this system the store didn't give me a driver install disk to reset the key board, but you guys are the experts, "I went back to work. Two hours later a tech named scott called to inform that it was a software problem and that he had to wipe out my entire xp program and install a copy, but hey.. The key board works now. I picked up the cpu, still besides myself, I took it home and turned it on, it looked like a pirated copy of xp windows had been installed thwey didn't even bother to reset the fonts the few desk top icons were large and the color and resolution was so far off, it seemed like they had to have done that on purpose, I called the tech who handles our systems at work, and he laughed when I told him of my encounter at geek squad," their not really computor repair people, they take stuff in and send stuff out, and wear the black ties for effect like you know, burger king employes, "("not saying anything bad about burger king I love the whopper!")

I felt like kicking myself, but after spending nearly ten thousand dollars on systems for my office and my home I trusted best buy, and I thought highly of the geek squad, that was of course until I had to actually use their services.

So, after my tech reinstalled a xp windows, he said the only reason my key board stopped working was because hp downloaded an update for a key board I didn't I have. I called the store and spoke to the assistant manager and he told me that the csr had mentioned that fact that I came down there and basiclly told them how to do their job, and that I seemed pissed off and up set, why?... He didn;t know, the assistant manager, informed that if I came down there and continued to upset, that he would have removed, troed and banned. Now I did not scrfeam or yell or threaten any one, I simply but forcfully, asked the csr to exaime the system before sending it back to chino. My mistake.

So, after doing busness with best buy for over fifteen years, after spending thousands of dollars, and spending countless hours waiting to be helped on the sales floor, I get the finger, from geek squad, the stores assistant manager, who also assured me that the store manager would gleefully bcak him up, and most likely the company, who will not respond to my calls or e-mails, in which case to best buy and the geek squad, again, I thank you for the free mother board, fans and other items you replaced in my system that weren't even damaged, I will encourage ever one that I come into contact with!.. Not to patronize your store and I will never, never shop there again. Besides you could never compare to the service or professionalism of the mac team.


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