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Best Buy / Extended Warranty / takes forever to get a repair!

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I had my television stop working at the end of May 2007. I called in for a repair and I am still awaiting repair today 41 days later. I talked to customer service and they are saying, there is nothing we can do. Sorry out of luck.

Do not buy extended warranties. They have no obligation to fix your problem with any time frame.

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  • Ro
      14th of Dec, 2007
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    Best Buy Sux!!!
    We are having the same trouble getting BB to do anything about our broken TV. The service company has recommended they replace the set... but they just say they will review it. 45 days of reviewing is enough!!!

  • Xx
      30th of Dec, 2007
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    ...Same problem...still reviewing the service company's recommendation 30 days later...

  • Ju
      2nd of Feb, 2008
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    I'm kind of mixed about the investing in an extended warranty. In my case, my television crapped out three years after I bought it. Once the repair man arrived to fix it, he said he would have to replace the optical drive and the color wheel. I'm thinking thank god for the extended warranty. Then I called Best Buy to find out when I could expect a return from the technician. They informed me Mid March would be the time frame because the parts are on back order. My TV died in the beginning of January. That was unacceptable to me. The store manager felt sympothetic to my situation but couldn't do anything. I read the extended warranty fine print and there is no mention of a time frame in making a repair. I think full disclosure should be a matter of practice, however, that may shy people away. I'm thinking about protesting at the store. Since I can't watch TV till march, might as well spend the time trying to save the next ignorant soul who falls for their gimmic.

  • Ka
      11th of Apr, 2008
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    In most cases, it is best you buy the warranty. They can completely replace the item within the warranty time-frame depending upon what's up with it. I have had trouble with Kodak cameras, so I bought warranty. The motor on it crapped out after 1 yr and I got a brand new one. Excellent investment.

  • Aw
      1st of May, 2012
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    I bought a laptop from bestbuy 14 months ago, some dead pixels appeared on the screen so i turned it in, they returned it after repairing, but screwed something else, turned it in again (i noticed the problem when i was at the store to pick up my laptop, so i didn't even take to home) they changed video card and returned to me, but this time they screwed a lot, laptop would crash every now and then, just used for a day this time, so turned it in back again, they changed the motherboard and returned it, took it to home, used it and noticed another issue after a little use, when battery would be almost getting empty, windows will process to go to sleep mode and instead would just crash. had to use the laptop for my job critical work so used it for a week and turned it back to bestbuy last night and they said they are sending for repairs, its the 4th time its going for repairs, and its been 2 and half months during all these repairs, i bought it for my use not for best buy to keep it and do experiments. they won't even acknowledge it a LEMON under NO LEMON POLICY. best buy suck big time...

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