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Best bathub refinishing

Do not not not use this company.This company ruined my tub. They did a horrible job and the paint is peeling because they did not use the correct method or products. When i spoke to charlie he tried to say it was the bath mat. The damage is on the side of the tub where the mat never touched. There are bubbles in the paint in various parts of the tub and rough spots and eventually the rest will peel. The tub is slippery and without a mat you will break your neck.I sent him pictures and basically he will not take responsibility and said he is waiting for an answer from the guy fabian that did the work. I told him that its your company so you are responsible and he needs to make it right or i would take him to court and go to the news help people and give him poor reviews. His answer was "yeah ok" ( you cannot access website any more. They probably removed it)

Best Bathtub Refinishing
Best Bathtub Refinishing
Best Bathtub Refinishing

Nov 09, 2016

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