Berrada Jamal / Maximaroc Sarlcashew nuts

I Nov 23, 2017

Hallo viewers

This above bloody [censor] is fake [censor] his name is Jamal berrada he just wants to buy and cheat any body his above contents are all false he never pay any money and never made any order [censor] if so send your transfer copy he is bloody [censor] nonsense he is fake man please don't deal with him because he is the cheater.

He is getting from all the customer and bloody getting from invoice and getting money from various of customer and cheating with every body.

Please find his passport beware of him all the customers.


His details:-

[censor]: berrada jamal
maximaroc sarl
6 avenue ksima bp 80350
inezgane agadir morocco
mobile: [protected]

Berrada Jamal / Maximaroc Sarl
Berrada Jamal / Maximaroc Sarl
Berrada Jamal / Maximaroc Sarl

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