Bernies Electronics / Bad service

1 United States

My fiance and I heard about Bernies going out of business. We planned on making our large purchase for a 50 inch flat screen there, and were debating buying other things too - giving that there is now an advertised GOB sale. We were checking out the website and decided to call Bernies in Manchester, CT to inquire if the website prices were the same as in-store prices.

We could hear the 'sales associate' blatantly pick up the phone and slam it down. Testing to ensure we weren't jumping to conclusions, we called several more times to an exasperated associate simply picking up the phone and slamming it. We emailed customer service and called the main customer service number, to no reply. FYI... might want to check out Best Buy. That's what we ended up doing, losing Bernies a sale of over $4, 000 at the end of all our shopping.


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