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Bergers Furniture Store / Damaged Goods and Poor C. Serv.

1 Aliquippa, PA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 724-375-6621

Purchased almost $10, ooo in furniture. One of their sales reps put together my living room for me. She customed order 2 chairs for me and when they came in the fabric was just plain UGLY. I told her that I didn't like the fabric she chose for the chairs. She tried to make me like them, but she could not change my mind. Anyway, only one of the chairs was delivered at the time because the other one was order a few days after I placed the order for the first. So, she said that she would send the chairs back. Then, she wanted to know if I wanted the same chair with a different fabric or totally new chairs. I wasn't sure. She suggested (just to prolong things) that I wait to get my curtains before picking new fabric. I decided against new curtains and went to the store to inquire about getting the chairs taken care of. Well, Lydia, the associate quit. So, I spoke with the owner, Jeff who was very cold with me and pretended to know nothing about my chair dilema. Even though the second chair was sitting in his storage room collecting dust because Lydia knew she was sending it back and never had it delivered. I could tell that he didn't want to help me and told me that he would pull my paperwork up and call me. He never did. I called him about 3 weeks later and he wasn't in. I talked to some rude old guy who was very short with me. I briefly explained my situation and he could really care less. So, about another 2 weeks go by and no call back from Jeff. I went back to the store and was ackowledged by the same old guy. Apparently, Jeff doesn't work weekends. I was a little frusterated, started explaining everything to the old guy and he told me that what I told him on the phone is a different story than what I was telling him now. I guess, he was trying to call me a liar. I left the store very upset. It's been 4 months and Jeff still hasn't returned my call. So, I called the lady who sold me the furniture and she said she would call Jeff and explain everything to him and call me back. She never called me back. I had to call her back, again. She was really rude and she said that Jeff told her that he told me to bring my lamp in that never worked and is missing the spindle. I told her that Jeff is liar because he never called me back. Anyway, we got into it and to try and end this story she said she never told me she would send back the chairs for me. I HAD 2 PEOPLE WITH ME WHEN SHE APOLOGIZED THAT I DID NOT LIKE THE FABRIC AND SHE SAID THAT WE COULD GET NEW CHAIRS OR PICK NEW FABRIC. She got her commission so what does she care?? Anyway, I told her that I would see her and the rest of those yo yo's in court. They have my other chair I paid for and they now I have a defected lamp and the owner could care less about any of. I bought my entire living room and master bedroom pieces from this place, a desk and some other accent pieces and this is how they treat people?? Do yourselves a big favor and go to Today's Home, or Bradley Michaels, or Colonial Furniture in Pittsburgh. Obviously, they are not concerned with repeat business. I will tell everyone and go on every website I can to complain about their service.

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