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I rented an at studio from Stacey Joy Elkin in the "Bergen Street Studios" located at 651 Bergen Street in Brooklyn, NY.

I was rending month-by-month, as those were the terms of her lease.

Two months later, I vacated due to some personal issues with the Landlord and her operations. We handled it civilly, and she explained that she would pro-rate me the three weeks that I had already paid for before I had to move. No lease was broken, there was no penalty, damage or any risk to my deposit.

Despite countless (seriously- countless!) frustrating attempts to collect the debt of several hundred dollars that Landlord Stacey Joy Elkin, she has neither paid me back nor given me any logical explanation about why she refuses to refund what we had agreed on.

Since, she has become aggressive, uncouth, abusive, slanderous and deceitful such that I feel that my only recourse is to post a complaint about her practices i na public forum, as I have begun to lose hope that I will ever actually get back the money she owes me.

So, if you are considering doing business with Stacey Joy Elkin BE CAREFUL and get everything in writing (and possibly notarized) before giving her ANY money!!!

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  • Ss
      Sep 29, 2011

    I am Staceyjoy Elkin, and I'd like to respond to the above "complaint". It was written by Peter B. Carroll, aka Rhodamine, one of the graffiti enthusiasts who run the blog. I figure as long as my personal information is posted here, his should be also, as well as my side of the story. BTW, the studio building has been closed for over 2 years as of this date, 9/29/2011.

    Over 6 years ago, I rented a small studio space to Shelley, Peters wife at the time, now ex-wife, who is a painter. NOT TO PETER, but his wife. They were financially struggling, so I let her into the building WITHOUT a deposit, only the first months rent, $380., and a promise from her to pay the deposit in installments, which would have been another months rent. Peter was NEVER even my tenant. After 2 weeks, I was told that Peter and Shelley had a drunken, screaming, door slamming, throwing things, all nighter fight in the studio building, when he left in the early hours of the morning to go to the bodega, she locked him out of the building. In his drunk, distraught state, Peter decided it would be a good idea to spray paint on my building, as well as the neighbors across the streets garage, the barber shop around the corner, and a few more places in the immediate vicinity. You can see from his website he loves to paint on other peoples property, and thinks this is "cool".

    I disagreed. I asked Shelley to please leave the building immediately, as it was a very quiet placefor artists to work, and she did, very embarrassed by his behaviour. I kept the other half of the months rent, $190, and used it to buy paint remover, brushes and new paint, and hire someone to clean off and repaint the damage Peter had done.

    I did this person a kindness and did not call the cops, I could have received a reward, as there was one at the time for turning in people who graffittied property here in Brooklyn. At no point was Peter ever even my tenant, his ex-wife was.

    About three years later, Peter noticed I posted on, a local message board, and decided to try and extort money from me, using this event as a justification. When I declined to give him money, he started posting {anonymously} many outrageous, bizarre and defamatory things about me and my businesses everywhere he could on the web, my lawyer and I have the i.p. address to prove it. I wasted alot of time getting all that garbage removed. This is the last place he posted, and I left it here to clear the air. I welcome the chance.

    I ran the studio building for 9 years, and only had two creepy ###s to deal with in all that time, Peter is one of them. As far as I'm concerned, I owe him absolutely nothing. If he gave the money to his ex-wife to rent the studio, and I don't know that for sure, that's between them, as I only dealt with her. I had to use half a month of HER rent to clean up his ugly mess, which she agreed to. So, that's the story. Pathetic.

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  • Ss
      Nov 30, 2011

    and by the way, the administrator of this site will only remove this farce if I PAY him. Money. If you're reading this, then obviously I declined to pay. What a scam.

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  • Ad
      Feb 02, 2012

    I came here searching for Staceyjoy Elkin, wanting to make my own complaint as well after recently dealing with her in person. She is indeed a dishonest, greedy, grudge-holding undignified person. She is not trustworthy.

    AVOID dealing with her, as nothing she says is to be trusted. It's no wonder that her studios, her store and everything she is involved with ends up closing or repeatedly moving around and then closing. She's a shady business person and is to be avoided. Don't take my word for it, look around online and see for yourself!

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  • In
      Jul 03, 2012

    I agree with SSJJEE, having personally interacted with this character Peter B. Carroll. Mr. Carroll is a manipulative man, and is able to easily twist people's words around. He is not a trustworthy or straightforward person. With Peter B. Carroll, what you see is most definitely a small portion of what you can possibly get, which runs the gamut of nice (in a fake way) to exceptionally cunning.

    BTW, I have little doubt that the person named "Adonys Latitia" who has posted in Feb. 2012 is actually Mr. Carroll himself, parading under a new identity to make it seem as if others have had bad experiences with Staceyjoy Elkin as well, so as to try to discredit her further. My commendations to Ms. Elkin for not being cowed by his threats on the other board(s), and, for that matter, being a decent citizen and turning the other cheek back when there really had been trouble caused by him. It's something Mr. Carroll, despite his Jesus-like demeanor and countenance, has no decency in honoring.

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