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Dear Sir,

I am facing an issue with Benze vacation club. THey have promised a lot before membership and they have not done simple thing.

They have take amount from me and they are not returning the same.

Thanks and regards,



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  • Lr
      Jul 30, 2009

    Benze Vacation members are just in need of money...

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  • Lr
      Jul 30, 2009

    Benze Vacation members are just ###ers in need of money... Instead they can lend their wives and get money...

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  • Sk
      Sep 23, 2009

    Dont beleive this stupid words... And also other ### agent there named Balaji([protected]) really made false commitments... As said by Praveen, the mails ID are not true and it always gets bounced... Some actions should be taken against them, so as to safeguard the public against these fraudsters... Please join hands with me...

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  • Vi
      Nov 08, 2009

    PLEASE DO NOT ENROLL IN BENZE VACATIONS CLUB. I was about to take membership, but my luck I asked for 2 days time and tried googling about BENZE CLUB which is totally FRAUD

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  • Vi
      Nov 08, 2009

    the so called MD Saravanan is ###***...he's cheating public with false promises

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  • Ka
      Nov 14, 2009

    I totally disagree on this don't blame one without any proof.. i hope all of you holding some club membership... If you wants to compare with other club surly benze vaccations club is so for better then others they recently started now they are growing if any one of you visited 1 lakh membership club you can't get anything there and the service also very worst...i am a member here from last 6 months their service is good... for any events am getting sms their restarent is good...only parking is little problem...friends which club is ready to give life time membership in have to compare apple to apple only not apple with graps... give some time for them they will come with all good and better service...

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  • Sl
      Nov 28, 2009

    They are totally False Commitment..I dont know how they will improve all the facility.In chennai we have lot and lot good please find one of the best and invest.

    I feal League club at 100 feet road is so far good.

    One of the girl in beanze marketing i think name is anusha..she is very good to speak customer and pull it friends are now doing good link with her.she is getting extra money from friends.she is doing side business at vijay park rooms with my friends.
    she is claver and good figure.everyone can keep and touch with her in person.

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  • Do
      Dec 07, 2009

    Hi sls1,
    could you please share Anusha's number, so for the amount we invested in Benze, we could get compensation from her and to some extent we could satisfy my mind...

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  • Pr
      Feb 10, 2010

    Arokia Stalin/ Sarvanan,

    What ever the friends say is correct, yours is a fake organization YOU cheat people giving false commitments.

    Here my story starts:-

    I got a call from KK Nagar or Ashok Nagar office stating that they have anniversary offer and they are providing life time membership for 5000/- with free accommodation for one night, massage coupon & food coupon. I confirmed the same with tele-caller, executive, his manager & Admin before dispatching the card. They all promised that all the above offers stated are correct. But after receiving my card I saw that they sent me SILVER card which is valid for 5 Years with no COUPONS.

    When I try to call the executive his mobile is switched off and reached his manager but he is helpless and the funny thing is the Manager don’t know the executive at all.

    I called Ashok Nagar office they told they don’t know any thing about this and after so much pressure they provided me two numbers.

    [protected] Chandru :- I followed up with him for around month and half, when ever I call him he use to say he is working on it and the application is placed in corporate only not sure how they miss to send LIFE TIME card and finally one day he said he cant help and he want me to follow up with Stalin.

    [protected] Stalin: When I called this Sir he told that he make the changes and he want me to call after 10 days. When I call him after 10 or 15 days he told that how to TRUST you whether you have committed for LIFE TIME card from our end. HOW SHOULD I PROVE THIS????????

    Arokia Stalin/ Sarvanan,

    As per your request I am providing my details. what ever you have committed for me send it to me ASAP so that I can reply the same thread with my feed back. NOW its your TURN to show your strength.

    My card number is SMP 4005.
    Name: Pradeep Kodali
    Mobile: [protected]
    Executive: A Akbar – [protected]
    Manager : Praveen - [protected]

    Please let me know if you need any further details.

    Pradeep Kodali

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  • Dr
      Feb 14, 2010

    i dont know, why should there be so many complaints about a club if not true? for me there are a few concerns

    first of all their website WWW.BENZECLUB.COM is a joke...seriously u need to put atleast some photos of the existing

    club & a clear plan for the future...we are not sure about any of the facilities of the club...secondly MR.SARAVANAN

    calling himself MD should have passed atleast SSLC since his english is worse than my son's who is in 2nd the past we have seen so many attempted resorts only very few will be sucessfull ever.. members cant

    expect total free facilities with one time to summarise if U R GENUINE SHOW US BY POSTING SOME


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  • As
      Apr 17, 2010

    this is totally waste club and also fraud club... i was loss my cash

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  • Di
      May 06, 2010

    I am a software professional new to chennai from Bangalore.

    i got a call from a telecaller about benze club.

    Kindly advice whether to take it up or not. because the postings are both good and worse here.

    they have told me that its an offer so i need to pay only 10, 000/- which is actually not huge for me. Even if i can get a 5 yr membership its fine.

    Friends kindly advice or suggest any more better clubs if any.



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  • Hu
      May 11, 2010

    For all service my no:[protected]/saravanan.[protected]

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  • Ma
      Jul 26, 2010

    Sakthi & amjath are the biggest [censor]ing Cheats I have ever heard are seen

    thy called me first took 10, 000rs money, and gave 1 gram gold coin and flew away...

    i tried calling them, the phone is switched off all the times...

    hav to book complaint against them :-|

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  • Su
      Jul 26, 2010

    Yes real fraud .

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  • Su
      Jul 26, 2010

    Real fraud, Shall we join against This ... This should be published in famous news paper ... I am looking on to that possibility ... Will come with good news ...

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  • Wa
      Jul 29, 2010

    Wake Up Guys,

    Yes, it is a fraud club. They give all fake commitment.

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  • Su
      Aug 18, 2010

    I am about to join Benze vaccation club, any members from the club can give suggestions whether to join or not?

    can anyone give me the no of Anushka?

    You can serve a great group of people.

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  • Na
      Oct 21, 2010

    I am the member of this Club, i am telling you now.. please dont sign up with this Club.. One of the worst club i have seen.. poor Response... Total Cheating... My ID: LMN6312..

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  • Ku
      Oct 30, 2010

    I am another new joinee in this list - became a member very recently and thought of visiting with couple of my friends ECR resort. I met one Mr.Leo, Manager ECR Resorts of Benze Club - I asked him to show the facilities around.

    I was told there are weekend events, bar, cottages, swimming pool etc...

    Infact, there are 8 cottages, 1 swimming pool, 1 restaurant, a small volley ball court and his office.

    Its a low class accomodation - for members Rs.1, 300 outsiders Rs.2, 000

    No water glasses too - no Bar licence but can carry along drinks
    Food rates are cheap so as the ingredients and the club
    Non member food charges are added to the bill for my friends [4 people]

    I was told, no weekend events for next 15 days due to construction and renovation but its pretty clear they have never conducted one.

    TO NOTE:
    There is a group of 4 gents with 3 ladies has occupied the cottage for pleasure - those ladies were none but CALL GIRLS.
    I joined this club with great aspiration for vacation club for my family and its disgusting.

    Leo the rascal replies - members can do anything, you are drinking without licence, is someone asking you? samelike overlook if someone else is doing something else. He says "dont poke your nose in someone elses..."

    I will fight for my refund at any cost.


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  • Sa
      Nov 20, 2010

    Pls suggest good or bad to join in terms of facilities. are all facilities 100% free for lifetime

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  • Su
      Jan 11, 2011

    Dear Members,
    I am also the one who is being cheated by Benz Club, Why dont we join together and stop this nonsense.

    I am planning to file a complaint in Court as a Criminal case and bann this Club.

    Pls send me your member ID and contact details which will help me in filing a strong complaint.

    We we surely get our refund with charges for the pain we suffered.

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  • Ck
      Jan 19, 2011



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  • Sa
      Mar 29, 2011

    Hello Mr. C.SARAVANAN

    I am writing this letter with very high hopes on you, and believe that you will consider my request or complaint.

    First of all My name is Mohammed Sanaullah, Member in Benze Vaccations Club since 22nd Feb 2011, my member ship number is LMM 7610.

    I feel very very bad to bring this to your notice, that the executives and the branch managers at Benze are not doing their job in a fair way. I really don’t know if they have been assigned some kind of targets to achieve for the month so that they get some attractive incentives.

    What ever be the state of the employees of Benze Club, I feel they should be genuine when they convince a customer to get the membership. They start with polite words, tell load of good features about Benze club etc etc, once the customer pays the amount and gets the membership and tries to get some help from the employees of Benze the response will be very poor and the behavior will be like third rate behavior. I am not telling this with someone’s interference, it happen to me and that’s the reason I am writing this letter to you hoping some good thing will happen to me, being a life time member of Benze Vaccations Club.

    When your Tele Caller “Nithya” called me on 19th Feb 2011 I was with my Girl Friend in my bed room, she disturbed it and after that my Girl Friend never came back to me. This was the first mistake I did, that I picked up the phone.

    Nithya then told the features of the club like, its lifetime membership, we have Billiards, carom, TT, Swimming pool, AC/Non-AC rooms, Restaurant @ 40% off, Bar, etc. etc. She also told that we get party halls for some b’day functions for free and other things. She told that the room will be for free up till 5person including the member and if it exceeds 5person then we have to pay some extra amount.

    Then she gave the phone to Mr. Dinesh (he told he was the Branch Manager) he then confirmed all the things when Nithya told, he also told that everything will be free, and I will also get a Gold Coin (1gm) as a privileged member, he then told about the amount which is 15k and also told that it can be repaid to the bank in EMI at no extra cost i.e no processing fee, no service tax.

    I believed it and accepted to pay the money, immediately (within 30 mins) one more Executive Mr. Chandru called in got the address of my home, brought the Swipe machine, and I paid the amount Rs 15000/- he told he will get me the Gold Coin, and massage coupons the next day itself. Till date I never got anything.

    Then the next shock was, I got a call from my bank and they told that Rs. 15000/- is been converted to EMI and for this the processing fee of Rs. 1650/- and Service Tax of Rs. 165/- is added, I told them what Mr. Dinesh informed me, but they refused to accept it. I called Mr. Dinesh to inform about this, he shouted at me like anything and we were in a big verbal fight over the phone. Then he told that he will send some mails to the corporate office and will revert the charges which did not happen till date. After this incident whenever I called him he never answers my phone his number is +91- [protected].

    Then the next shock of my life, I went to visit the ECR Resort with my friends and I met Mr. Leo he told that if we have to stay in room we have to pay Rs. 1450/- approx for twin sharing bases. I then told him what Mr. Dinesh told me, he told its all lie, and all the marketing people will say some lie to cover the customer but whatever I tell (Mr. Leo) is what is true. I got vexed and returned.

    Then the next shock I went to Mount Road Club with one of my friend to play Billiards, there I got the news that its only for 30mins and for guest we have to pay Rs. 20 as fees.

    I really got confused why did I pay Rs. 15000 + Processing Fee + Service Tax for??? Everywhere I go, I have to pay money, for this if I want to book a room per day I can directly go to any hotel or lodge and can stay for 24hrs for around Rs. 1500/- if I want to pay billiards there are lots of snooker points where I can play it for Rs. 50/- per hour and if I want to swim I can go to any swimming pool and pay Rs. 50 for hour.

    Why should I be a member and then to pay for all activities??? I need a clear explanation why your employees told lie to me and cheated me.

    If this is not going to happen I am going to send you a court notice against forgery, and mis-leading common people.

    I am sending this letter to my advocate and also to one of the media (news paper). If I don’t get a proper explanation I will be publishing it, and will be meeting you in the court.


    Mohammed Sanaullah


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  • Ba
      May 03, 2011

    hai every one... benze club is totally giving a false commitment and make others fool.. they only need money from others for there happy life... benze club owner C.SARAVANAN he is number fraud.. hey eat peeee for moneyy... am bala am benze clum member they told me goa offer, free stays, free food coupon and etccc... but they did not any.. i think i join benze club for vaccations for my family..but its totally wrong. friends please Dont beleive this stupid words... C.SARAVANAN is fraud and also elango ... they are blady ###ersss ... dont waste ur money and time please take this advice

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  • Ha
      May 17, 2011


    First telecaller called told me about how everything is free .. next the manager mr.dinesh called .. i tried to strike a deal .. he said rs.15000 then i pushed he reduced it to Rs.12500 .. life time mebership. .,

    Hear the scheme ..Its our MD's birthday and we have selected 30 ppl in chennai folr VIP memebrship and you are one of them .. offer valid only till tonight..

    Thanks for this forum .. hope you guys take him to court and may justice be provided !!


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  • Sr
      May 20, 2011

    i thank for all valuable comments posted by existing members and I WILL TELL U.. U HAVE SAVED ME FROM GETTING INTO THE TRAP.. just now i got a call from this club and they didnt want to allow the non-members to see their club. they r saying, only after u get the membership, u can see the club..this is a ridiculous statement.. thanks to ur website i saved my $$.

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  • Su
      May 23, 2011

    Hi, My name is Suman... am one among the list in Life Time members of ###in' Benze Vocational Club. am not sure how to proceed further for this false and fraudulant activity done by this ###. I need atleast ten members who have been a victim of Benze Vocational Club to proceed further by raising a legal complaint or having a direct attack on the Club's Corporate office which is located in Nungambakam. We can make wonders in this ADMK ruling Chennai. Its the right time to show our anger !
    So please feel free to join and give yr feedbacks on this ASAP !


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  • Di
      May 24, 2011


    I'm Senthil and am also one of the Benze member been cheated by these money ###ers... As our friend Mohammed said in his posts that he had sent a letter to his advocate and a media about the fradulence of this Club. Good job done my friend and please have a track on that... So like me, many of them were been trapped by these cheaters, so we all can join hands and try to stop their fradulence... I'm also trying to file a complaint/case against them.. So others please be aware of this club...

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  • Ra
      Jul 22, 2011

    I agreed with the viewers expressed they have been cheated by way of false promises given by the Sales executive but the club corporate office staff not agreeing with the the marketing team huge difference between both of them leading by some one in the marketing team. But the oweners should take the call to rectify the anomolies still to day also I have received a call from [protected] telecaller, have informed to her about nothing has been done by your club sofar during last 6 months. Nothing has been given inspite of promises given by Mr. Chandru, Ashok & mathi still beliving their words. sharing my views atleast through this port so that other may not be cheated by the organisation.

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  • Jo
      Sep 03, 2011

    yes... they cheated me too.. Amul Raj, Ventak, Pradeepa are the main culprits.. they give false commitments and cheat our money

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  • Po
      Oct 27, 2011

    They cheated me in June11; Promissed me 2 gram gold coin, 3000 Rs Sodexo coupen etc; Somebody by name Krishna callmed then a manager Suersh talked ro me; Atlast nothing is given to me..COmplete fraud in this century...Need to raiase complaints to CM/Police commissioner etc..

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  • Pr
      Oct 28, 2011


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  • Su
      Oct 28, 2011

    What a nice club with gym, Restaurant. Excellent accommodation service on their Tie-up Hotels on Budget hotels. If you are planning to take membership this is the best club i can say. At low cost. A very nice restaurant with very good food. The price is also competitive.

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  • Su
      Oct 28, 2011

    I truly feel its value for money with Benze, life membership at affordable cost offering a whole gamut of facilities. Though parking is a little problem, thinking of a club at Mount Road, its worth it. Myself & my wife enjoy a good game of table tennis and the workout at the state of the art gymnasium. The restaurant at mount road has great ambience and their kitchen provides a nice treat to our taste buds. The beach house is a cozy little place on earth and it’s a great place to hang out over the weekend. Thanks to their travel desk for making my holiday a great experience. It has been a lovely experience with the Benze club membership.

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  • Su
      Oct 28, 2011

    Not that I had not gone to Club BENZE, but, it had been a while since my last visit. My friends and I are usually looking to go around for small weekend retreats. ECR Resort seemed like the best option last weekend. We were a group of thirteen and I feel like I won't have to go out place for another resorts or club.
    At the mount road club hotel has luxurious things to offer on a budget. There is a relaxing massage you could take, a sauna session or dip in their ECR resort pool and jacuzzi.

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  • Su
      Oct 28, 2011

    I like Benze Club. The service is good its in main city and ECR resort in the calm place. I more satisfied with this club so I referred my friends to join in this club. We totally 5 members joined.

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  • Ga
      Nov 19, 2011

    i am the members...this is say that the property of kovai where the club located is leased one good company in the india has dont think no one fraud MD SARAVANAN ...&Elango GM is good ###er of Mr.saravanan...this elango even he is not an good educated fellow..keep having good stuff on his mouth as Manik-chand...he will speak as though he lord lapke dass, , , , , , , he bleedy ### cheating ...kindly all the membership combine together try to get our money ...which i have pay rs25000/- in cash payment still now i didint got the membership...

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  • Gr
      Feb 08, 2012

    Why so many complains here still they alive how?? realy any one booked complain against this club??? if yes post the details..
    what action taken? so that all other member also claim that from this club

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  • Gr
      Feb 08, 2012

    Why so many complains here still they live how?? Really any one booked complain against this club??? if yes post the details..what action taken? so that all other member also claim that from this club.

    Don't accept any think without written document...

    ask your tele caller to provide what ever you said via phone on written documents..if they not accept written document its surly fraud...

    same time record your tele caller conversation if you have smart phone or tell them to get back tomorrow by the time you get your friend mobile for record her conversation.

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