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I have ordered 3 times
1) first order arrived in about a week and a half. item is fine
2) second order arrived but is defective. but since it cost $6 it wasn't worth shipping back. i let it go.
3) third order was for $220 item. they have not shipped though ordered over a month ago. AND they refuse to issue a credit.
as noted in the previous reviews they will answer you emails but always with excuses, never with action.

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  • Kl
      3rd of May, 2012

    Horrible customer service. No delivery of item and refusal of refund. Total scam!!

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  • Sh
      11th of May, 2012

    I ordered an item on May 3rd. Received an email showing my order number with a shipping label WAS CREATED with a track number on the 7th. From that time forward nothing has changed. I have sent email without receiving a reply. There is no way to contact except via an email that must by typed on their website. I have contacted PayPal and filed a dispute.

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  • Be
      17th of May, 2012 - I have asked twice now if the product has actually shipped and can't get an answer
    United States

    "BEWARE!! Ordered Lapdoc for Bionic 11 days ago. Quickly got a UPS tracking number that was such record. Emailed customer service and got another tracking number that also showed no record of receipt by UPS. I have asked twice now if the product has actually shipped and can't get an answer. Seems that they issue a bogus UPS tracking number to make you think the product has shipped when it has not. Credit card charge-back today."

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  • La
      20th of Jun, 2012

    Beware, These people are scam artists. They create a shipping label and never ship your product.

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  • Ar
      26th of Jun, 2012 - Delivery was delayed and then when I received the product, the tablet was defective
    United States

    I purchased an Acer Iconia A500 tablet from this company. The delivery was delayed and then when I received the product, the tablet was defective. The battery would not hold a charge and would not work as advertised. I emailed their customer support which replied that the battery wasn't covered under their 90-day warranty which was not disclosed upon purchase. They did offer a warranty support through their third party (Liquidity Services, Inc), however they required a serial number which was supposed to be found on the product and in the "Device Information" in the settings on the tablet's operating system. Neither was found. When I requested the information from Ben's Outlet they replied that they did not have any information on that. Because of this, I could not receive repair/replacement from their warranty service they they suggested. I cannot get this equipment repaired as they advertised, and upon discovery of the lack of serial number, I cannot even prove that this device would even belong to me.

    I reported them to the BBB and expect a full refund. Never before have I experienced such bull from a company...

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  • To
      27th of Jun, 2012 - Products listed incorrectly, customer service is poor, shipping speed is poor as well
    United States

    The Good:
    Sell items at relatively low prices, but items are not listed accurately and shipping is as slow as it gets (slowest shipping I have encountered of any website to date)

    The Bad:
    Products listed incorrectly, customer service is poor, shipping speed is poor as well.

    My experience with Bens Outlet:
    Contacted Ben's Outlet prior to making a purchase to confirm that the item I wanted to purchase was new and not refurbished. They responded with canned text that was an obvious copy/paste used to sluff off questions. Their response made no attempt to answer my question. Several emails later they confirmed the product was in new condition, so I ordered three of them.

    15 days after I placed my order, the items finally arrived. When the items arrived they were refurbished, not new as the product listing indicated, and as the customer service staff indicated.

    Just contacted them to see if I could return the items. Expectations are low considering how things have gone so far.

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  • Sh
      28th of Jun, 2012 - Tracking number doesn't work because nothing has been shipped
    United States

    This site sells chinese knock off products will US price. Very dissatisfied with purchase. The tablet they sell for $59 is a waist of money. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE. DONT WAIST YOUR TIME. I finally got the money back. Do yourself a favor, pay the extra dollar and buy branded products. They are ripping off american consumers!!

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  • Ta
      17th of Jul, 2012 - I would never, ever to business with them again
    United States

    I ordered a Pandigital 7" Tablet for my grandson's birthday - it came and I was very excited. Opened the box and there was no power source. I tried calling their customer service - there is none, at least none that I could find. I emailed them to see if they could just send the charger since they are still advertising them. Their c/s is the worst I have ever seen. They asked if I would take a $5 rebate. Of course not, I wanted the charger that was to come with it. To make a long story short, I returned it today - shipping back to them at my expense. I would never, ever to business with them again!

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  • Ti
      3rd of Sep, 2012 - Tracking number doesn't work because nothing has been shipped
    United States

    More or less same experience as others who rated this retailer with 1 star. They charge the credit card as soon you order, even send out a UPS tracking number only for your consolation because that tracking number never shows up in UPS systems even after 10 business days. Don't understand how these type of retailers are still allowed to do business online.

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  • Ki
      10th of Sep, 2012 - Tracking number doesn't work because nothing has been shipped
    United States

    My wife ordered pillows. They sent them them to a different address in another state. They won't send the pillows to us or refund the money. They say she gave them the wrong address! We have ordered from them before and they sent the stuff to our correct address 5 times before. They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee I guess if Ben's Outlet gets your money, they are 100% satisfied and you are out of luck!

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  • Sa
      21st of Sep, 2012

    I have never received my item (sheets) they said, it was sent on the 13of sept I have not get it yet, I will never do bussines with again

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  • Ra
      15th of Oct, 2012 - They have no number to speak to anyone
    United States

    Summery: Item ordered on 10/1/12 never received. There is no telephone number and I was unable to speak with a supervisor. I was given deceptive information by customer service. I was told that it was impossible to cancel order, even though it has still not been sent out 2 weeks later.

    I ordered headphones on 10/01/12. I received conformation and payment was taken on the day. On 10/12/12, I tried to access tracking information as I had not received the headphones yet. There was no information at all about my order on my account. I contacted customer service via e-mail, and was told that there was a problem in the warehouse and items had not shipped yet. When I wrote back for more complete information, I received a notice that the items had shipped, but there was a system problem. When I again asked for information of when it was sent and when I would received it, I received an email with a UPS tracking number from that day, but item was actually received by UPS. When I asked to cancel my order and be transferred to a supervisor, the customer service rep wrote back that there was nothing that could be done. They have no number to speak to anyone.

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  • Av
      12th of Nov, 2012 - I will not use Bens Outlet again
    United States

    I have placed 3 orders with Bens outlet. The first one I received. No problems. The second one was billed but never shipped. No shipping notice came to my email yet they billed my card. They said they never billed my card. Took 7 emails to get them to refund 5 bucks and they had me send the most ridiculous thing--they wanted a copy of my credit card statement with only the item ordered . . . nope, circling was not good enough. I actually had to cut and paste to get them a statement with only the bens outlet charge on it. Then I got a refund.

    Third order. Never came. UPS shows shipped, but UPS will only deal with the shipper. I sent an email with the info on the order and the shipping. NO RESPONSE in 10 days. I'm in the process of reversing the charge using my credit card company. I will not use Bens Outlet again . . . and I'm truly sad about that.

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  • Mi
      25th of Dec, 2012 - They will take your money immediately and offer absolutely no viable customer support
    United States

    Placed 2 separate orders, one on Dec. 2nd, one on the 3rd. Received a tracking number and shipment confirmation on December 8th for both orders in my email. Tracking number never became active as to allow me to see if package had actually been shipped or a label had just been printed. Called customer service on Dec. 16th as I had received no package and was unable to track it. After 40 minutes (not an exaggeration)on hold being reminded how valuable I am as a customer and that my call was important to them with some crappy blues music blaring in my ear so loud I had to set the phone down and wait for a service rep. When the rep finally answered the phone, she said she could not verify if the order had been processed or shipped as that information isn't in her system. When I asked if the items I ordered as gifts would be here by Christmas I was told that the website said that they could not guarantee delivery by the 25th. The website did NOT say this and when I asked her to tell me where it said it as I am in front of my pc now, I was promptly hung up on. I did receive all of the items I ordered eventually in separate packages over the course of the week before Christmas. Would I subject myself to their horrible customer service and lack of information on my order ever again? NO!!! They will take your money immediately and offer absolutely no viable customer support when you start to worry because it's been 2 weeks and you still can't even track your package. AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

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  • Re
      25th of Dec, 2012 - I have not received any replies to my emails
    United States

    Beware!! Placed my order on December 15. Checked on order the 19th and it was still being processed. Sent an email asking when it would be shipped? No reply. Checked again on 20th and still being processed. Sent another email and received no reply. Received an automated email on the 21st stating the item had been shipped with a tracking number. Checked tracking number on 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd. The UPS message states:

    "A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status including the scheduled delivery date will be updated. Label Created On:12/20/2012". Three days and counting since the label was created and UPS still has not received the package. I have not received any replies to my emails. Looks like Santa will not be delivering this present on Christmas day! Maybe by New Years. I wished I had checked these reviews before ordering.

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  • No
      15th of Jan, 2013 - Tracking number doesn't work because nothing has been shipped
    United States

    I Ordered a camera December 18th, a shipping label was made on December 20th with tracking number, it is now January 14th tracking number doesn't work because nothing has been shipped. I contacted customer service 14 days ago they said there was a delay in shipping and It should go out in the next 1 to 5 business days. 10 business days later no sign of anything being shipped!!!?

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  • Wi
      17th of Jan, 2013 - Do not do business with these con artists
    United States

    Do not do business with these con artists. They owe me a refund on a defective product, they have lied repeatedly claiming they refunded me which they did not, paypal even offered to assist me, we tried calling, they would disconnect the call, I kept asking them for a transaction number, they refused to give one, I am going to continue to report them, and hope they go out of business.

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  • Oc
      8th of Feb, 2013

    Ben's does the following:
    1- They accept an online order.
    2- The wait approx a week to PRINT a label which in ordinary terms makes it appear as if they have SHIPPED IT.
    3- They do not.
    4- They will charge your card, and FLOAT the Money and/or wait until they have a sufficient number of orders for the item and then contact the actual holder of the inventory to do a bulk transfer...This keeps them from having ANY inventory on hand and no money out of pocket for them.
    Do you remember those commercials years ago where you could order a copy of Debbie Boone and the shipping was 6-8 weeks?...That was because they ran the ad for 6 weeks, then when they got, say 1, 500 orders, they would go to their supplier with an order to print 1, 500 (or close to it) copies of Debbie Boone sings the Worst Songs of a Generation, and then you get your order at the same time 1, 499 other people get it.
    5- Ben's, is the SAME COMPANY AS 1SALEADAY and two others. IF you ever do get a package from them, each side of the box will have one of their names on it.
    6- They use the same phone number, that NO ONE picks up.
    7- There is NO customer service.

    8- There is a possibility that you will get a great deal on a NEW item, but you will wit and wait and wait, and never actually know if or when you will get it.

    Those are the facts.

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