Benson Oak VenturesA very suspicious company

Why don't I want to trust Benson Oak Ventures?
To me, there are always several criteria I consider before choosing what company to invest it. If they don't match, I never look for reasons, never email them asking to clarify. I just leave it and look for another one.
And I just thought that maybe I could share these criteria with you, so you could use them too when looking for a company to invest.
So, Benson Oak Ventures.
This firm has some history, it's not a new one, and it's their advantage.
I only don't understand some things.
First of all, they say the company was founded in the Czech Republiс (it's also the owner country), but the address they provide is in Israel. It's confusing.
Moreover, the history states that it begins in 1989, but judging by the website was registered 160 days ago, it's 6 months. It means that this company is almost 30 and they never thought of having a website? It's possible, probably, but strange, to be honest.
The team is not big and the operational team consists of two people only, the others are advisors and I don't think they do something useful. So it's weird as well.
Let's get back to the contacts. Like I said they are located in Israel, but the location is not exact. No phone number is provided.
The portfolio is not big. It's strange for a company that's been operating for 30 years.
There's definitely something wrong about it. I only can tell you to be careful.

Dec 12, 2018

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