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Benjamin Legal Services / Want money for doing nothing

1 Erie Street, Chicago, IL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (312) 853.3100

Crooks. They want money for doing NOTHING. Filed a BK Chap 7, had to pay $$ upfront, ok fine. They did not submit the correct paperwork to the court so it was dismissed. Told me it's MY fault? When I was told that everything was submitted and was in order? Now I received another bill for legal services? Are you kidding me? Maybe if he would clean his office and get the files off the floor (seriously) nothing would be "misplaced".

What a bunch of crooks.

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  • Ed
      17th of Apr, 2009

    Oh man, they jazzed someone else too? Unbelievable crooks.

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  • We
      21st of Apr, 2011

    Loan modification crooks. $3450 later, no loan modification and Kevin Benjamin is a nut case. Most unprofessional, liar I have ever met.

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  • Sa
      2nd of Jun, 2011

    Theresa Unkrur is also a [email protected], she works for JKB in Chicago and also threatened me called me all kinds of names when I told her I was going to the BBB and Illinois Attorney General. They did nothing more for me other than steal my money. Money that hard earning people painfully tried to come up with just to save our home due to loss of jobs. Rip offs...I urge everyone to stay away from JKevin Benjamin and any of his Assoc.

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  • Da
      24th of Oct, 2011

    I've just been had also. As soon as my check cleared all communications stopped on their end. They are refusing to work on my case and do a very good job of hiding. I hope to God he losses his practice/ license because then him and his girlfriend will no longer get to screw people.

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  • Ba
      11th of Oct, 2012

    Chapter 13 never filed. Started June 29th. Sent $3, 000. Did not tell me to send correct paperwork. Each time I asked do you have it all. And they said yes. I had trouble calling them. They changed there number. Finally 3rd time they said they had all paperwork. Oct 10th still not filed. I have a new lawyer. It took 2 hours and will file this week. I am sure money sent is lost. I am so stupid for trusting them.

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  • Ja
      19th of Oct, 2012

    Sent all my money in $1350 can't reach them left numerous messages pleading for a call back. Im 70 years old retired and don't have the money to start another bankruptcy filling with a legit attorney locally. I went on line to file this because at my age i was to embarrassed to file locally (what a fool I have been) How I wish they would just return a call to me. Every call goes to a voice message and they have changed the phone number 3 times.

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  • Go
      29th of Oct, 2012

    I fill chapter 13 with this people's at the end of may, i pay them off and it's been 5 month and I'm still waiting... Every time I call it comes a answer machine o a Ladie that her name is jan and she tell me the same thing it's still in process unbelievable, I can't get another lawyer because I can afforded rite now, I'm thinking very serious in put legal action against this fake company because I work very hard for my money for somebody yo come and still me like that!!!

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  • Sa
      8th of Nov, 2012

    filed Nov 102012chap 7 sent money they sent letter from irvine office for more money did not send it because all phone numbers do not work, called 1-877-800-3313, after several rings no matter what time i call they are busy, leave message no calls back to me. maybe they have caller id and are able to screen call they don't want. i am out $2000, went to, they could not find benjamin legal so i could not file complaint, where are they and how do they get away with this???. nov 10 2012 s.head glencoe ca.

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  • Sa
      30th of Nov, 2012

    beware...this is the most unreliable, fake, untrustworthy company I have ever dealt with in my life...we started working with them back in June...paid them the retainer few for chapter 7, and the filing few in July...after they received all the money all contact was lost. No phone number would go through, no emails returned...important documents that were faxed or mailed were lost. After several months we were able to get ahold of Jay and Theresa. Our case was filed in Oct and we had our court date in Nov. They did not turn in the paperwork that was needed by the trustee and we ended up having to do all the work in the end ourselves. After everything was set Theresa tried to make it do that we would lose our vehicles that we were going to keep. This while experience has been nothing but a nightmare and if you are wise you will stay away and hope that this fraudulent company gets shut down.

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  • Mi
      7th of Jan, 2013

    Same thing happening to us. These guys don't call back, just take the money and run. More money down the drain.

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  • Ma
      30th of Jan, 2013

    wow, read this after the fact. Made sure they received my money, 18 hundred. Was told petition was going to be filed on a date in De. Still waiting. Always got machines when I called. Talked to attorney and he said benjamin promised vo call us rwice. never did call. hired another attorney. he actually returned my call. have an appt. monday. it is going to be wonderful to have a real attorney.

    I nam 66 and just do not what happened out there. at the beginning i asked for my money to be returned. Still waiting. New.atty. charges less.

    The should be arressed. thry hav no soul.

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  • Ge
      14th of Feb, 2013

    Same thing happened to me. I paid $2, 300 upfront for a chapter 7 May of 2012 and services were never rendered. Kept getting the run around from a lady called Jan Jurcisin. She is a lying snake just like her employers. Phone numbers kept being disconnected making it impossible to get a hold of anyone and if you happened to get a hold of someone no one is ever available to take your calls and messages never returned. I can't believe they would do something like this when someone is already down and out. It makes me so angry. Do not give these people money! This has been a nightmare from the start! Once they received my money there was no more communications. I hope they all burn in hell for what they have done to me.

    Does anyone out there know what I can do to get my money back from these crooks?

    George Gonzalez
    West Virginia

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  • Pi
      3rd of Mar, 2013

    I Agree with each and every comment. Biggest Crook out their and getting away with it becuase he is a lawyer and has money to baffle the legal system. He took 1, 440.00 of my money and changed his contact information emails bounced back as unreceived. I think everyone who has been scammed should contact the Attorney Genreals office in their state

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  • Br
      4th of Mar, 2013

    I started my chapter 7 bankruptcy in April of 2012, I have payed them 2, 000.00 dollars so far. Petition was to be filed in the beggining of all this and today the 4th of March 2013 it still hasn't been filed. I got a letter in the mail stating i still owed 470.00 dollars which is a lie, i sent the bank statement proving they got the money. I have been calling them 10 times a day and still no reply, Jan Jurcisin is the only one I can get in contact with now, only by email. She claims to call me back and that my phone is broken... This company is fraudulent, they'll take your money and run. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THERE SERVICE BECAUSE THERE ISN'T ONE!!! Now that i'm 2000.00 out, I had no choice but to get an attorney I trusted. My new attorney 1300.00 includes everything, Petition, Filing Fees, Court Cost, and to pay the attorney. Good Luck I'm also looking into hiring him to get my money back from these ignorant people! I'll post something if anything happens and information you can use.

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  • Pi
      5th of Mar, 2013

    This Guy was and still is a crook. He was involved in the big Loan Modification Scandal while working with Dean G. Chandler at First American Law Center and then he worked with Kerry Stegerwalt at Pacific Law Center and continued scamming poor consumers. he is now Working as Benjamin Legal Services. Everytime he collects some money from a client he changes his phone number and email address then when the consumer can not reach him they close the account he was taking money from. He than says he closed the account for failure to make all the payments necessary. His friend Dean Chandler is currently involved in both Civil and Criminal Litigation. J. Kevin Benjamin is also involved in the class action in California. You can contact You can contact Yadira Dickey Victim Specialis with the FBI in San Diego at 858-449-7683. You can also contact Karen Sullivan Consumer Protection with the Illinois States Attorney's office at 312-814-5082. I am working with the Attorney Generals office of Minnesota and I encourage you to contact your Attorney General or one of the numbers listed above. This crook needs to be stopped. I belive his license to practice law came out of a Cracker Jack Box. He cause one family to loose their home by failing to do what he said he was going to do. see Kansas District Court 09-cv-1266 Metzen v. Benjamin Legal Services. He did not even show up in court to defend himself until the Judge all ready granted the Metzen's a Default Judgment then he asked the court to reverse it and the Judge Denied his request.

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  • Ap
      18th of Jun, 2013

    they also took me for 1, 850 and no one wants to help me get my money back or stop them they just keep doing this how an that jan she is a real [censored] they were going to file backruptcy for me they took that money every month out of checking you can contact the fedal trade 877-382 4357 the more people that contact the F.T.C. then they might go to jail I pray I am doing my best in mass lets get them

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  • Ho
      31st of Jul, 2013

    these crooks didi the same thing to me took 1700.00 from me a year ago and have done nothing I contacted bbb about it to try and get my money back you guys should do the same and im going to call the ftc too im going to get them and my money back

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  • Fr
      1st of Jan, 2014

    Long story short. This company said I would need to pay them a total of $2300 to file bankruptcy -- $1800 retainer and $700 in additional fees. I paid $1600 of this. We moved from MS to NC in order to find work. Before we moved we verified we would still be represented when we moved. Now that we are up here we are being told that our account has been closed and we cannot get our money refunded. We took a lot of legal advice from them that is now coming back and hurting us. One piece of advice was to let our house get forclosed so it can be included in the bankruptcy.

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  • Be
      25th of Feb, 2014

    Let me tell you, I don't know why these crooks are still in business. I went to him after a case I tried to file on my own was dismissed, and I should have went in the opposite direction from him. He tells me that the lowest monthly payment that he can get me for five years is $800.00. Is he freaking nuts?! First off I didn't have THAT much debt and second I wasn't paying $800 a month for all my bills put together, so why the fast would I pay $800 AFTER I file bankruptcy?!? I'm seriously thinking about getting me an Attorney to sue him for my money back and for emotional distress. He told me he filed my case and don't worry about paying my Creditors because I would be covered under the bankruptcy law. Well guess what? He didn't file my case, it was a month and a half later when I found out when my car was booted and my cellphone services were disconnected. When I called him to see what the fast was going on, he tells me I never paid the filing fee. Smh. Stay away from Kevin Benjamin & Associates, they are crooks and rip offs, and I wish I would have read these comments & complaints before I gave him my money, which by the way I ended up just firing him, and my money wasn't refunded

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  • Fr
      26th of Feb, 2014

    Beat out again.

    I feel your pain. I have tried every avenue possible to get my money back. I cannot afford a lawyer and I still need the bankruptcy. I have tried several complaint boards and the BBB. None of them were able to help because they cannot contact them. I am still waiting to hear back from the FTC. I am hoping 'no news is good news', but I am not getting my hopes too high. If you need a petition signed to help you with your case I will be more than glade to sign it.

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