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Where to begin. I have read many of the other posts and it appears that I am merely echoing other sentiments. There is certainly a patttern developing here.

My company signed a Letter of Agreement with Mr. Donley on 6/2/2009. The LOA specified an estimated completion date of 6/29/2009. The agreement was to develop 4 templates for Joomla and assist with branding and graphics for these four sites to showcase our various service offerings.

I attempted to stay up to date with Mr. Donley by contacting him by phone and e-mail on average of 3x per week. I am quite familar with software projects and expected mockups for review and regular communication at least weekly. We even went to the degree that prior to signing the LOA, we provided Mr Donley with an extensive requirements document.

We received our first "mockup" of only 1 of the 4 requested sites on 6/23. This was a single image that appeared like a screen shot of an out-of-the-box template. We had specifically requested many brand-related features that were not represented even marginally. Attempting to be polite and salvage the situation, we replied to him with very specific comments. We heard practically nothing from him. When I inquired about status, he said something along the lines of "I'm working on it."

Mr. Donley is impossible to reach by phone.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Delavan, WIA few times, both myself and the CEO of my company asked him specifically to call back. Since we signed the agreement, I have never been able to get him on the phone.
We are past the estimated delivery date with nothing to show for our money. As a result, we have asked him to cease work (although it is not clear he has done any) and to refund the money. Then, lo and behold!, I discover all these complaints. It is clear to me that I was right about my suspicions. After viewing one of his web sites, BD Productions which is the one I originally posted my RFI on, that he offers a 100% guarantee. I would like him to make good on that claim.
Our company, based in CA, would be interested in participating in any action against Ben Donley related to breech of contract and fraud. In the meantime, we have some other information to add. Based on a Google search, Mr Donley appears to be offering services under at least the following business URLs, many of which are in different states:
There is also a site dedicated to complaints specifically leveled at Mr. Donley at

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  • Sy
      Aug 22, 2009

    I have also been recently scammed by Ben Donley. Late may I provided him with payment and much information re: site creation. At first there was much contact between us, but no mockups despite my many requests. All communication stopped and I have asked a few times now for a refund with no replies given...I have given him 48 hrs till I follow up with the BBB and everywhere else that I possibly can. I have kept all documents (eg. proof of payment, signed contract, all emails, etc) just incase, and I'm glad I did. I contacted him originally through Scriptlance, where he also seems to be working through. Just so you know.

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  • Ro
      Oct 08, 2009

    Come And JOIN this Group, we have started a massive

    complaint against scriptlnce

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  • Be
      Jan 04, 2011

    While I realize that this particular person is horrible. He shares my name. There are also several other Ben Donley's in the world who have lived extremely scrupulous lives. This sort of posting might seem like a good warning to others, but it is in fact damaging to those of us who are NOT this person. You should take that under advisement as the remaining Ben Donley's of the world seek to earn a living. I'm sorry you've been scammed, but PLEASE remove this post.

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