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My name is David Long and I have no complaints about Acappella Bengals. I'm not sure how Mr. Clark got his information, but from my experience, the Doeppenschmidt's were great. Their home was clean and did not have any foul odor even with the two litter boxes. Anyone who has a cat with one litter box knows if you do not clean it everyday, you will have an odor in your home. There was absolutely no odor in their home at all. If you did not see the cats, you wouldn't know they had any. They were very thorough about who receives one of their kittens. They want to make sure all of their kittens go to a good home.I brought my new kitten to my vet the day after I got home with her. My vet said she was of the most healthy kittens he has seen. I did NOT see anything sickly about any of their cats. Unfortunately, when you have such a good, caring cattery, there is always someone who wants to disrupt it. As far as Mr. Larry being a retired truck driver, what the hell, how does Mr. Clark think any and all of the products he purchases get to the store? Truck drivers are and have always been the back bone of this country. Just because someone has a cold beer in the afternoon does not mean you have a drinking problem. Whether or not Mr. Larry smokes, I could not tell you. I was there for 3 and a half hours the night before I picked my kitten up and I did not see him smoke one time. Either he does not smoke or he has enough respect for other people not to do it in front them. I drove 520 miles to get my Bengal, and IT WAS WORTH EVERY MILE. I plan on purchasing another by the end of the year, and it WILL be from ACAPPELLA BENGALS. Just remember, if a cattery makes a complaint about another cattery, its probably not true. David and Karen Long, Krotz Springs Louisiana

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      18th of Apr, 2012
    Bengals - Compliment
    Acappella Bengals
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    I ran across the complaint from Dave Clark regarding Acappella Bengals, and felt I needed to challenge Dave's claims. I have recently purchased the most amazing little Bengal kitten from Jonni and Larry's cattery, and could not be happier with my experience. I already have a grown Bengal, and decided to get him a playmate. I have visited, emailed, and spoke with many catteries during my search for my two Bengals, and felt most comfortable with Larry and Jonni. I made two trips to their place over the course of the process, and was thoroughly impressed with their set up. Very clean, all happy healthy kittens. Most kittens already had homes waiting for them from the time they were born. I have no idea the basis on which his complaint was posted, however I know first hand that his claims are 100% false.

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      20th of Apr, 2012

    This sounds just like the post written yesterday.

    Get a life.

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